10 Tips for Hosting an Instagram Giveaway

10 Tips for Hosting an Instagram Giveaway

Published on 1st of December 2022

Do you want to build a following quickly on Instagram? If so, hosting a giveaway can help you reach your goals. Giveaways tend to spread like wildfire on the social network, so you can build brand awareness and attract an engaged following. First, you need to check out some tips for hosting a contest on the app. Then you’ll be ready to use this strategy to reach more people. 

1. Set a Goal for Your Giveaway

white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a plannerFar too many marketers host giveaways without setting any goals. These giveaways tend to be scattered and all over the place, meaning they aren’t very successful. You can get started on the right foot by setting a goal for your content. 

Some common goals include:

These are just some of the possibilities. Once you set your goal, you can take steps to reach it through your giveaway.

2. Set the Rules

people walking on park during daytimeYou need to create clearly defined rules for your giveaway. First, decide when the contest will start and end. Then determine the entry guidelines. This refers to the steps people need to take to enter your contest. You can set it up where people need to like or share your post, but many brands choose additional steps to increase reach and engagement. For instance, you can have people follow your account, like and comment on the post, and tag friends to enter.

You also need to determine if the contest is open to people of all ages and from all locations. Then, after everything is set, review Instagram’s rules to ensure that you’re in compliance. 

3. Choose the Prize

several silver and gold trophies on wooden surfaceAfter setting the rules, you’ll select a prize for the winner. While you can choose any product, service, or experience you want, it’s best to go with something related to your brand. Also, the prize needs to be big enough to get people to take action by joining the contest. 

Keep in mind that the more you ask of participants, the larger the prize needs to be. For instance, let’s say that people have to upload a photograph of them to take part in the contest. They probably won’t do that for a $10 gift card. They’d be more likely to enter if they just needed to engage with your post or even tag someone. However, if you offer up something of value, they’ll jump through some additional hoops for a chance to win the prize. 

4. Choose a Hashtag

red and white polka dot car toyIt’s also important to create a campaign hashtag to include in all content related to your giveaway. You need to choose a relevant hashtag that no one else is using. Normally, you want to keep hashtags short and sweet, but you can use a few extra characters for your campaign hashtag. At the same time, don’t make it so complex that people have a hard time spelling or remembering it. 

5. Decide How to Pick a Winner 

Free Person Holding An Award Stock PhotoIn most cases, giveaway winners are picked at random. That means every participant has the same chance of winning. You can use an Instagram giveaway picker tool to select the contest winner. There are tons of options, from number generators to advanced sweepstakes apps. Familiarize yourself with the different tools and select one for your contest. 

6. Launch the Contest 

Free Person Using Smartphone Stock PhotoNow, it’s finally time to launch your content. First, create a graphic to announce the contest. Add text to the graphic that goes over the giveaway, and then include additional details in the caption. Be sure to explain how long the giveaway lasts and what people need to do to enter. Also, highlight the prize to get people excited about joining the contest. 

7. Promote the Giveaway

Free illustrations of InstagramAfter you launch it, you need to put your foot on the gas and promote it so it can spread through Instagram. Promote it on your feed and Instagram Stories. Also, use other social networks, such as TikTok and Facebook, to let people know about the contest. Be sure to remind people that they only have a limited time to enter, so they need to take action before they miss their chance to take home a nice prize. 

8. Buy Instagram Likes to Increase Engagement

red and white love wall decorYou might expect your contest to spread rapidly as soon as you launch it, but that doesn’t always happen. If you don’t get enough engagement out of the gate, Instagram won’t show your post to many people. That means you could end up with a handful of entrees, making it impossible to reach your goals.

You can solve this problem by buying real Instagram likes for your promotional feed posts. Each like serves as a signal, letting Instagram know that people are interested in your content. The more signals you send to Instagram, the bigger the reach, so keep using this strategy until you get the results you want. 

9. Track the Results

person using macbook pro on white tableYou want to stay on top of the results throughout your contest. Then you can see if your giveaway is helping you reach your goals. You can use a tool to track and monitor comments and mentions. You can even use a tool to track how many people are using your hashtag. After reviewing the analytics, you’ll know if your giveaway is successful. 

10. Choose and Notify the Winner

Once your contest is over, use a tool to select the winner. Then notify the person and send the prize. While you can send a DM to the winner, you should also consider making a public post. If you don’t do this, your followers might think you didn’t give out a prize. That could cause them to lose trust in your brand. 

Start Planning an Instagram Giveaway

These tips will help you plan and run your first Instagram giveaway. Remember to buy real Instagram likes if you need to increase your engagement and reach. Then you should get more entrees, allowing you to run a successful giveaway.

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