Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Analytics

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Analytics

Published on 23rd of December 2021

Understanding and using Instagram analytics is the key to having a successful account. Analytics contains tons of helpful information that provide insight into your audience and account. If you aren’t familiar with analytics, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Find out how to access Instagram analytics and which metrics to monitor when running your account. 

Instagram Analytics: Know Your Options

person holding black android smartphoneIf you have a business or creator account, you can use Instagram Insights to find out more about your account and posts. You can access Insights by clicking on the button on your profile or selecting it from the menu. While some Instagram users rely solely on Insights, it’s pretty underwhelming. It only tracks data for 7-30 days, so you cannot get a complete picture. Also, it mainly shows surface-level data, which makes it challenging to learn about your audience. 

While you shouldn’t completely ignore Instagram Insights, it’s a good idea to add an analytics tool into the mix. Third-party analytics tools analyze profile and post data and provide information that you can’t find on Insights. There are tons of free and paid tools available. Test-drive a few until you find one that works best for your account.

Regardless of the tool you choose, you will want to monitor the same metrics. Let’s dig in to see which metrics you need to keep an eye on while managing your Instagram account.

Audience Demographics

You can use Instagram analytics to find out more about your followers. Analytics tools break down audience demographics so you can discover their location, age, gender, and more. Use this information to create marketing personas. Then, you can craft content based on those personas. With this strategy, you will speak to your audience instead of speaking at them. When you can master that, you won’t have any trouble winning people over on Instagram. 


Faceless multiethnic female friends chatting on smartphone with black screenReach is one of the most important metrics available. This is the term used for unique post views. Expanding your reach is critical for building brand awareness on Instagram and beyond. 

Some people use the terms “reach” and “impressions” interchangeably, but they are different. Impressions refer to the number of views a post receives. These views don’t have to be unique. That means if someone sees your post 10 times, it will have 10 impressions. However, those 10 views will only increase the reach by a single digit. 

Engagement Rate

person using black smartphone with gray and pink caseThe engagement rate is important for two reasons. First, it shows how your audience responds to your content. If the engagement rate is high, it’s proof that people like your content. If it’s low, people don’t feel compelled to interact with it, meaning you need to make changes.

Second, Instagram considers the engagement rate when displaying search results. You need to grow your engagement rate so that more people will see your posts. If your engagement rate is low at first, buy Instagram likes to increase it. Then, you won’t have to worry about Instagram burying your posts in the search results due to a low engagement rate. You can expand your reach quickly with this strategy. 

Audience Behaviors

Sitting Woman Using Smartphone With Hearts and Smartphone IconsYou need to post at the times when your audience is the most engaged. Analyze engagement levels based on days and times to determine when you’re most likely to get likes, comments, and shares. Then, develop a posting strategy based on this information. Your engagement rate should grow even higher when you use this posting strategy. 

Hashtag Performance

Using the right hashtags is an integral part of a successful Instagram strategy. The right hashtags will help you reach your audience when they’re searching for posts or pages to follow. Review your hashtag metrics to discover which ones help you reach the most people. You don’t want to repeat the same hashtags over and over, but you will get a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t. 

Post Discovery

Post discovery shows you how people found your post. You can find out if they saw your post from the home page, profile, explorer, and more. 

You can view both impressions and reach when looking at post discovery analytics. You can also see how many non-followers saw your post. 

The post discovery metric lets you see how your overall Instagram strategy is performing. For example, if you aren’t reaching people who don’t follow your account, Instagram is burying your posts. That means you need to increase your engagement levels. You also need to work on your hashtag strategy to get your posts in front of more people. These are just two examples of how post discovery analytics can help you adjust your strategy. 


Person Using Black And White Smartphone and Holding Blue CardIf you’re selling products on Instagram, you need to track your conversion rate. This metric will let you know if your sales strategy is effective or lacking. If your conversion rate is low, consider changing your call-to-action (CTA) to see if it increases. You can test CTAs to determine what works the best with your audience. 

Stories Watch-through-rate 

When you upload Stories, you want people to view them all the way through. This shows that users are engaged, so you’re providing the content they want. Check your Stories watch-through-rate to determine how many viewers stick around to the end. If the number is low, you need to find out where they’re dropping off. Then, find a way to make your Stories more compelling, so people stay until the last slide. 

Ad Metrics

If you run ads on Instagram, you also need to review those metrics. The click-through-rate and conversion rate are the two most important metrics for ads. The click-through rate shows how effective your ad grabs people’s attention, while the conversion rate reflects how powerful your landing page is. 

Tracking Analytics Is an Ongoing Process

silhouette of man jumping on rocky mountain during sunsetYou need to stay on top of your analytics to get the best results on Instagram. Review them weekly and adjust your strategy as needed. When you do this, you can expand your presence and increase your success on Instagram.

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