Tips for Creating Viral Videos on Instagram

Tips for Creating Viral Videos on Instagram

Published on 30th of April 2023

Instagram offers four options for users to upload videos. You can create Instagram Video, Live, Stories, and Reels, and each option gives you a chance to engage with your audience and go viral. The question is, how do some creators go viral over and over while you’re scrambling for views? It’s not because they have better ideas than you do. Instead, it’s because they’ve mastered the art of going viral. Find out how you can turn your Instagram videos into viral hits.

Check Out Your Analytics

black and silver laptop computerIf you’ve uploaded lots of videos to Instagram, you probably have a fair amount of hits and misses. Find out what has and hasn’t performed well by reviewing your analytics. Then, you’ll know what to avoid when creating video content and what your audience likes. This will make it easier for you to create viral videos on the app.

Read Comments to Find Out What Your Followers Want

man holding a smartphone near the windowYour followers have likely already told you the content they crave by leaving comments on your videos. Spend some time reading comments across all of your social channels to find out what resonates with your followers. For instance, one of your long-form YouTube videos might be full of comments about one particular piece of information, signaling that your viewers want to learn more about that topic. You can then take that bite-sized piece of content and turn it into an Instagram video. Because you’re giving your audience what it wants, the video is likely to go viral.

Embrace Current Trends

If you want to go viral, staying on top of the current trends is a must. Instagram Reels has become a hotspot for trends and challenges, with numerous content creators jumping on board and participating in the latest fad. You can browse the Reels Tab to find popular, trending videos. If you see something that resonates with your brand or page, you can get in on the trend. Then, you have an excellent chance of going viral with your trendy video.

Buy Real Instagram Likes

white Android smartphone near green plantGoing viral is a challenge, even if you have a lot of followers. Fortunately, you can overcome that challenge by purchasing real Instagram likes. You need a great deal of engagement to go viral, so this will set the stage for that to happen. After you buy likes, Instagram will show your video to more people, increasing engagement further. Before you know it, you can go viral on the social media app.

Open with the Word “You”

You have around five seconds to grab people’s attention on Instagram. Surprisingly, the easiest way to do that is to use the word “you” right away. This makes people feel that you’re talking directly to them, and they’re more likely to stick around to see what you have to say.

Use Other Ways to Grab People’s Attention

gray and black street lightUsing the word “you” at the beginning is the best way to grab people’s attention, but you don’t want to do that with each of your videos. It can get old after a while, so you’ll want to use some additional methods to grab their attention.

You can spark interest and engagement through music, audio, stickers, and graphics. Also, if you can unveil a surprise or plot twist in the first few seconds, people will stick with the video. Plus, playing on people’s emotions or relating with your viewers can help you maintain their attention.

Try a bunch of different strategies to see what works best with your audience. However, don’t stick with the same strategy over and over since that can become dull. Instead, keep your audience guessing to keep them engaged.

Add Captions to Your Videos

Did you know that most people watch Instagram videos with the sound off? Thus, adding captions makes your videos accessible and allows you to get the message across, even if viewers don’t have the volume turned on. That means you can reach more people and get more views if you add captions to your videos.

Keep in mind that if you’re using music or audio to grab people’s attention at the beginning of the video, you’ll need to add some attention-grabbing words that you can caption as well. Otherwise, you could miss out on going viral.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

You need people outside of your followers to discover your videos. One way to do that is to buy Instagram likes. Another way is to add hashtags to your videos. You can increase your reach by leaps and bounds when you combine the two. Regarding hashtags, look for relevant, popular hashtags to include. You can also throw in a branded hashtag or two, especially if you’re running a branded challenge on the social media app.

Run Paid Promotions

man walking in subwayIf you need some help reaching more people, consider running a paid promotion. For example, you can boost an Instagram Story or run an Instagram Reels ad to reach more people. While you’ll have to pay for the views, this can help you expand your reach and go viral. After your paid promotion takes off, you can stop the ad and continue to expand your reach organically. Just be mindful of your budget when doing this. Also, only boost your best videos. Don’t spend advertising dollars promoting videos that don’t have a chance of going viral organically. This is your time to shine, so highlight your best videos to get the results you want.

Start Creating Original Videos Today

It’s hard to strike gold with a viral video on your first try. Even when you use the best practices, it takes time and hard work to achieve viral status. However, each video you post can get you closer to the goal. Thus, start creating videos today as part of your content strategy. Keep an eye on the analytics and watch as your videos reach new performance goals. Buy Instagram likes as needed to promote engagement and growth, and fine-tune your strategy. Then, you’ll be positioned to reach your goals on Instagram and other social networks.

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