Want to Relaunch Your Brand on Social Media? Here’s How

Want to Relaunch Your Brand on Social Media? Here’s How

Published on 14th of April 2023

Anyone observant in the past couple of years will know that social media will always be the new “big thing.” With users totaling 1 billion sometimes, these platforms are the most practical ways to expand your business beyond several borders.

There are scores of ways to use social media marketing to your business’s benefit. You could open professional accounts on the more popular networks, advertise on them with targeted campaigns, and post engaging visuals of whatever you offer.

Since social media is everywhere, it creates a great space to interact and meet potential customers that your services would otherwise not meet.

Here are a few ways you can relaunch your business using social media:

1. Analyze your target audience and choose a suitable platform

Depending on the goods you sell and the services you offer, you need to open accounts on at least two social platforms and go for options well suited to your needs and audience.

For example, if your brand's services are best communicated through videos, YouTube and TikTok are practical options that help with the relaunch.

When you upload and share videos on your channel, other people can find them and subscribe. Google Analytics will help you understand which groups eventually subscribed to your channel and ultimately bought from it.

If you want to use pictures as your primary medium, it would be best to use Instagram or Pinterest.

It's also advisable to see which sites your customers are used to, so you can pass on the information most efficiently.

2. Define and deeply understand your target audience

If you want to use social media to show off what you have for sale or who you are, it's best to have a dedicated audience, so people know who your brand targets.

Set up a new account for your business or use your existing page as both a personal and business page.

Either way, attracting the right audience is critical, and this can be done by advertising the page on other social platforms, asking friends and family to share your page, getting marketers or influencers to promote your products, and paying for sponsored ads.

3. Opt for sponsored posts and paid ads

These advertisements are pretty effective if you need customers or followers. You can open your products, posts, and pages to a more incredible deal of targeted viewers.

Explore ways to market your products or business to users interested in a similar product or service by advertising on their pages. This will really help raise awareness for what you're offering and also help gain more exposure.

4. Organize giveaways and contests

Giveaways are a simple way to gain new followers when you relaunch your brand. You can do this by organizing an instant giveaway or just giving away some branded gifts.

For instance, you could offer an iPhone to anyone who does a particular set of tasks, which may include following you on social media, sharing your post with their followers, and tagging other people so they can view the post and join the giveaway.

With giveaways, contests, and challenges, you can amass a huge social media following and be well-liked by your followers.

5. Include emails

Introducing your new social page and/or website to former customers is a great way to start your relaunch.

Connecting people with this information by email helps inform them about what's happening, where they can find you, and when they might expect it.

Email marketing is beneficial for both engaging customers and alerting them to special offers. Make sure you stick with the relevant topics to improve your results.

6. Research, research, research!

It’s always important to research thoroughly before you start a new project. We highly recommend you do it at least one month before your relaunch.

You need to know your target audience, what effect you’re trying to create with the relaunch, whether your improved brand will suit older customers, and your market standing. These are the details you need to make crucial decisions about other elements of the project.

And to reiterate, it’s imperative to learn which social platforms are best for your brand. It's easy to get caught up and confused by how many are out there, but researching in advance can help you avoid many mistakes.

7. Upgrade all your services

When you’re doing a relaunch, you should not limit it to the exterior. You may have to change your branding, products, services, marketing, customer service, and staff training.

For example, if the brand was mainly offline, your staff would have to learn how to properly manage your social media pages and respond to your visitors. They’ll have to update them regularly and answer questions that might come in via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

It might even require you to organize deliveries to other areas that may be far away from your usual territory, so you might need to prepare for such contingencies.

8. Create anticipation

Whatever you plan to do on social media, it’s a great approach to first build up some anticipation with compelling and exciting posts. There are tons of ways to do this regarding your coming relaunch.

You could post reminders and countdowns on your Instagram stories or Facebook statuses, allowing you to include a couple pictures of what's been going on with the relaunch. You could also send emails to your contacts about what will happen in the coming days/hours.

The relaunch is an excellent opportunity to use an influencer for marketing your brand. These users are passionate about what they do and have a very loyal audience.

Since their social authority gives them the power to influence followers to buy things, people will probably take your brand more seriously if a relevant influencer posts about it regularly.

9. Master the art of consistency

Anything related to a social media campaign is rooted in consistency. The most important step for your brand is to keep the audience constantly engaged with your business and its activities.

This approach will make your relaunch adequately publicized, and former customers can spread the word if they're informed about it.

You should also try to keep your posts and messages consistent before and after the relaunch. This will ensure that you’re sending messages on time and staying on your audience’s minds, which will provide support for new features on your channel.

To maintain consistency, training staff in how to use social media is also quite important.

10. Start a website with a blog

If you’re thinking about being even more prominent with your social media relaunch, you should also consider pulling the trigger on starting your own site. It will be a great way to offer many more opportunities for online engagement.

A well-designed website can do a lot more things than just social media. For example, you can use it to sell products and receive payments directly. It is much easier to do this sort of thing on your site instead of through a third-party service like social media.

Websites allow you to reach a larger audience and provide you with information such as heat maps and cookies so that you can learn more about your customers and how to better cater to their needs.

A high-ranking website can be a great way to increase brand visibility, making it seamless for people to trust you since you’ll be more open to the world. Your site should also have a blog, so you can push out more high-quality content to attract many more readers.

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