How to Make Your Boring Brand Interesting on Social Media

How to Make Your Boring Brand Interesting on Social Media

Published on 21st of June 2023

If your brand is not resonating with specific audiences, you could be doing a disservice to your company and future revenue. You may need to explore better branding techniques or make the product more appealing to increase digital presence and profits.

No brand should be boring now that content marketing has become so much more popular. It all depends on what type of advertising strategy you utilize to reach your target market.

Your brand should speak to just your target markets - you might not always connect with everyone, so you need to be creative for audience engagement.

When showcasing your brand, whether an ad or organically, you want it to be compelling and inviting. Here’s how:

Ways to make a boring brand look exciting

Successful product showcasing depends on not just the product but how well it is promoted.

Whether you sell clothing, medicine, or essential programming services, your audience can be entertained and educated.

Some of the ways you can do that are captured below:

  1. 1. Tell your story to compel and captivate

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    It's never too late to share the origin story of your business. Sharing how you got here will help others relate to you and what you're about.

    Consider the two scenarios below.

    In a bidet company's advertising, the company announces a 25% drop in price for last season's model.

    Now, imagine a rival company tells its customers how and why it started making flush bidets. The content then features how to use tissue paper after the bathroom and lets you know that last season's model is now 25% off.

    More shoppers will be attracted to the products of the second company because its ad tells its story.

  2. 2. Educate customers on what your product is and how to use it

    Your brand must offer more than just exposure to new customers or meme contests on social media to stand out. You should also try to use alternative marketing strategies that are interesting for potential customers.

    But first, users should know how your product works. This will enable them to better understand the different features and functions your product offers, making it easier for them to figure out how they can use it.

    Your customers will have an easier time using your product if the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

    When your customers understand all they need to know about your product, it makes for better and exciting interaction with them and increases the chances of patronage.

  3. 3. Go in the background

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    You can use this opportunity to share what is going on in your company or the industry with your customers. This way, you'll appear more exciting and have a chance to develop even more robust customer relationships and sell more products.

    Answer questions your customers have about your business by asking them what they would like to know about. Then, respond to their questions with a lengthy explainer that includes visuals of specific features/benefits of your company.

    Some questions you can answer include:

    • What's going on at your company?
    • Did models for your most current item appear in the stockroom?
    • How do you make your products?

    The importance of an appealing brand is becoming more apparent these days.

    It's interesting to see the small pieces of information revealed when you put your brand in front of your audience. Get ready to unveil some mysteries about your brand!

  4. 4. Embrace genuineness

    Many businesses have decided to go with the 'fake' trends on social media, which is a trend that includes everything from over-hyping or under-delivering products to hiding vital information from their customers.

    It's essential to stand out from the crowd, so you must be genuine and unique. Doing so will gain your customers’ trust, and they'll continue to patronize you.

    When you produce relevant, significant, and different content, your potential audience will start to trust you and see you as reliable after a while.

  5. 5. Introduce some fun into your business

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    Everyone likes to laugh, so show your customers that you’re fun and not dull. You can do this in many ways.

    You can enjoy a lot of fun tasks that include coming up with original jingles, contracting celebrity ambassadors and influencers, and organizing different programs on social platforms. There's no end to what you can do to improve your business, provided you follow your ideas!

    Don't just assume that your customers are having enough fun without your input. As long as you can provide quality products and services, they'll be more than happy to indulge and pay the price to laugh, learn, and feel comfortable.

    This will enable you to relate your brand with relaxation and reliability. A brand designed to keep your mind at ease during and after a stressful day.

    That way, you will stand out in a crowded marketplace and be the brand your followers turn to when in need. You really will establish the beginning of their trusting relationship with your brand.

    The more relevant your brand becomes, the more likely someone will come back for more of what you offer.

  6. 6. Organize different competitions and other social activities

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    When you're trying to drive traffic to your social media pages, it can be hard to provide a steady stream of things that will keep your content fresh. That's why promotions and contests are a great way to acquire new followers and fans continually.

    If you are searching for a foolproof way to attract prospective customers and visitors to your pages, you should try organizing competitions and other activities like challenges, virtual hunts, and trends.

    The great thing about these types of activities is that they're unique enough from each other that you're able to create a variety.

    Everyone wants to win a prize, so people are sure to be attracted to your brand if you organize competitions with attractive prizes. Trust us - no one will classify your brand as boring anymore.

    You can also try giveaways - they often increase the number of your followers.

  7. 7. Bring up a variety of discussions

    Sometimes, your social media audience wants to view something different from the price of your latest product or your company's current net worth.

    Continuous discussions about your brand may come off as boring to some clients. You've got to mix things up a little bit.

    It wouldn't hurt your brand to participate in the latest social media trends or discuss the latest developments in your niche or industry. This would make your brand seem more exciting.

    Fortunately, you can't run out of ideas to create content about. You can scope out viral topics and trendy hashtags to plunge into a more extensive conversation.

    Dive into topics that seem to interest your audience, and you'll be sure to boost your social media engagement.

  8. 8. Collaborate with other brands in your industry

    No matter how boring your brand may seem, collaboration with other brands will do the trick of making things more exciting.

    The act also tells your customers that you’re up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

    Tell your audience about your brand's latest achievements. Tell them about the newest company you worked with and showcase your achievements and awards,

    The idea is to mention these organizations in your social media posts from time to time.

    Doing so can increase your reach and make your brand more attractive than ever.

  9. 9. Always provide value for your clients

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    Think about what sort of products or services you would provide to improve your customers' lives.

    Offer posts that would be helpful to your customers’ needs or pains, and they'll sing your praises all day.

    But if you provide a useless service, they are sure to drop bad reviews on your page, driving prospects and customers away from your brand.

Key takeaways

Your audience will be bored and less engaged if you aren't providing exciting content consistently.

Remember: your target demographics will respond based on the quality of your social media post. And with exciting content, it won't matter whether you’re running a funeral parlor or providing wedding DJ services.

Planning your social media marketing strategy can help you appear more attractive, attract prospects and customers, and analyze how well your business is going.

You can leverage it to promote products and other initiatives, so it's a good idea to plan everything ahead of time—especially the content you'll share with your followers.

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