11 Creative Strategies to Get More Followers on Instagram

11 Creative Strategies to Get More Followers on Instagram

Published on 14th of January 2023

Does it seem like your follower count hovers around the same number no matter what you do? If your count is stagnant, it’s time to get creative. Check out some creative strategies you can use to increase your follower count quickly. Then, monitor your analytics, so you can see your numbers grow. 

1. Use Reels

Instagram has been promoting Reels heavily since the launch. With Reels, you can share video clips that last for up to 30 seconds. You can also set the clips to music. This is Instagram’s answer to TikTok, and it’s making sure Reels get in front of lots of eyes, including non-followers. Thus, uploading Reels can help you grow your follower count quickly. First, come up with some creative ideas for Reels and then upload them. Then, see which ones attract the most followers and use that information for developing a long-term strategy.  

2. Create an IGTV Series

black smartphone taking photo of yellow round fruitsProviding value to users is a fantastic way to increase your follower count, and you can accomplish that by creating an IGTV series. Come up with a theme and then create various videos on that topic. When people tune in, they’ll realize that you can provide lots of value. Thus, they’ll make the transition from “viewer” to “follower.”

3. Partner With Influencers

Do you want to boost your follower count in an instant? If so, partnering with an influencer is a good strategy. You can team up with a micro-influencer in your niche. Micro-influencers generally have engaged followers and are willing to work for a small fee or free products. The influencer can promote your account and brand and help you get more followers. When people follow you during influencer marketing campaigns, you can expect to get people who are excited about your brand. They trust the influencer, so it’s like they’ve received a personal recommendation about your brand or business. Thus, it’s easier to turn the followers into paying customers.

4. Pin Comments to Get More Likes 

person holding red and white hear buttonIn 2020, Instagram announced that users can now pin comments to the top of feed posts. This feature was designed to help users manage the conversations on their pages. However, it can also help you attract more followers. Pin comments that praise your brand. These comments will provide social proof to potential followers, compelling them to click the “Follow” button.

5. Create Shareable Captions

By creating sharable captions, your posts will reach new audiences. Each time someone shares your content, his or her followers will see it, and so on. In fact, you can even go viral with this strategy.

The question is: What makes a caption sharable? If you have a good sense of humor, consider creating witty, clever, or humorous captions.  You can also create a call-to-action to get people to share your posts. 

6. Buy Instagram Likes

You might think that Instagram followers and likes don’t have anything to do with each other, but that’s not true. In order to get more followers, you have to reach people who don’t currently follow your page. Instagram considers likes and other forms of engagement when determining which posts to display. By purchasing real Instagram likes, you can expose your posts to an entirely new audience. Then, you can increase your follower count.

7. Run a Contest

person holding gold trophyIf you want to increase your following in a flash, consider running a contest. You can have people like and share content and follow your account to enter. Once you attract followers through the contest, continue to deliver amazing content so they stick around. Then, you can run another contest in the near future to get yet another boost. 

8. Designate a Content Creator

man taking photo using black and white DSLR camera on hill at daytimeConsistency is key when building an online presence. If too many people have access to your Instagram account, you could lose consistency. That can make it hard to grow your follower count. Thus, designate one person to manage the account. This person will stay on top of the features and tools and post photos and videos that align with your brand. Once you accomplish this, you should notice your follower count increasing. 

9. Promote Your Page Off Instagram

blue red and green letters illustrationYou can also attract Instagram followers outside of the app. Promote your account on your other social networks. In many cases, people who follow you on one network will follow you on the other when they find out about it. However, you’ll need to deliver different types of content on the various networks so you can hold onto your followers. Otherwise, they’ll quickly unfollow you. 

You can also add your Instagram handle to your email signature and business cards. Then, people who are curious can click on it and check you out. You can also get a lot of followers this way.

10. Create Quality Content

When it comes to getting more followers, nothing beats posting high-quality content. The right content creation strategy will help you reach more people and grow your audience. Use your Instagram analytics to gauge your audience’s interest in your current posts. Then, you can adjust your strategy to boost engagement and grow your follower count. 

11. Get a Verified Badge 

If you represent a well-known brand, entity, or person, you can obtain a verified badge for your profile. This will show others that your page is authentic and you are who you say you are. As you can imagine, this can help you attract followers to your account. 

If you don’t qualify for a badge yet, don’t worry. You can continue to grow your following and online presence and then reapply at a later date. 

Start Building Your Following Today

These strategies are relatively easy to incorporate and can help you build your following relatively quickly. From buying real Instagram likes to getting a verified badge, each option will help your count creep a bit higher. Then, if you continue following the strategies, your account can continue to grow over time. Get started today so you can begin to see a difference soon.

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