Selling on Instagram: 8 Classic Tips that Always Work

Selling on Instagram: 8 Classic Tips that Always Work

Published on 7th of July 2022

First, let’s send some thanks to the original creators of Instagram, for creating such a wonderful market space. Seriously, Instagram is a gold mine.

There are so many reasons why selling on the platform is advisable, but the most important one is the setup and interface of the app, especially with human psychology powering it.

If that sounded too sciency, here’s a quick explanation: humans are attracted to both interactions and aesthetic visuals. When you see an interesting image, chances are, you’ll stop and take a look before scrolling past. Then you're likely to comment, like, save, or share, which adds to the post's organic engagements.

This is what makes Instagram such an amazing marketplace—it works with images and human connections. When they're attracted to the images, they go on to read what came with them.

If they're attracted enough to engage with it, then all the better. Now if it's something being sold, that's the best!

Not selling on Instagram? Then there might be something wrong with your marketing procedure. Here are 8 tips that would actually work and help you sell on Instagram.

1. Create a great profile

Your business profile is not some random profile you just post pictures on. It is a business portfolio with, well, more pictures.

Start by choosing a great profile picture. Something as specific as your logo can suffice.

People should know what your profile is about from the onset, and that means your bio doesn't need any complicated words. Clear, simple, short words work just fine.

Since the limited word count won't let you write all you think customers should know, filter the important things.

Finally, add your URL, so that they can make it to your YouTube page, shop, or anywhere else you want them to visit. Note that you can't post URLs elsewhere.

2. Use attractive pictures

Remember when we said Instagram works with visuals? That is one tip that some people have right, which is why they get more customers.

Whatever you're selling has to be nice enough to catch the attention of the viewer.

For example, if you were selling a Bluetooth tripod stand, posting a random picture of the tripod might scream “ad.” So when it pops up on someone’s timeline, they're more likely to scroll without even double-tapping for the algorithm's sake.

However, when you post the image of a beautiful person, with the caption that it was taken with a tripod which is in the next slide, it works. At this point, you have gotten their attention, and better yet, their double-tap.

3. Use great captions

You should already know this but unless it's a gossip or storytelling account, no one will read that long caption you intend to type. This is not Facebook.

Your captions have to be short, ready to sell and have all the information you need. Once the picture catches the audience's attention, they immediately move to the caption. But if it's too long or boring, they just don't want to read it.

Sell your products or services in a few catchy words.

4. Create aesthetically pleasing feeds

white samsung android smartphone on white tableThere are content creators who have made their pages so beautiful to look at that people just find themselves visiting these pages again and again.

Some use a certain thematic formation, others stick to a color theme. Find what theme suits you, be consistent, and follow-through.

Once you have hacked that consistency, then you can get loyal followers who just follow you for the aesthetics. The more you get people who spend time on your page for the aesthetics, the more you get customers who want to buy what you sell.

As a businessperson, you will more often than not have to tap into your content creator side, to beat this market.

5. Use Instagram Ads

man standing on road infront of high-rise buildiIf you use Instagram Ads the right way, you can drive a constant flow of sales. And it's not that hard to learn and maximize the potential of the feature. All you have to do is find a published post (one that you think would grab the most attention) and then boost it.

Usually, Instagram will help you select an audience they feel will react best to it. You're still allowed to pick your own audience, if not satisfied with Instagram's pick of audience.

When users click on the ad, they're directed back to your page. If you're not getting any click-through from that ad, something was likely wrong with it. Remember to add clear purchase instructions and a solid call-to-action.

6. Use Story Ads

Instagram story ads are yet another way to get your products out there. The people who view these ads don't have to follow you; they just have to scroll through random stories and they will land on your ad.

It's one great way to sell, seeing that people prefer viewing stories to find videos and images which will disappear in one hour. Story ads will strategically place your content right where your target audience is always scrolling.

You can either make an interesting video or use a catchy image, but it has to grab attention in one second because that's how long you have before they flip to the next.

7. Use hashtags

white tumbler on tableThis is probably the 100th time you're hearing this, but it sure needs to be emphasized.

Sometimes people search for hashtags when they don't remember the handle of a seller they're looking for. Your account may just pop up if you're using the right hashtags, thereby grabbing their attention.

8. Use influencers

This should always be a last resort because unless it's a collaboration, it can be pricey. However, while the ROI on this method is not always predictable, when it’s high, it gets really high.

Always go for the collaboration method, where both of you have something to gain from the success of the advertisement.

At the end of the day, what matters the most are the quality of your product and how it's presented. Selling on Instagram might be hitting a gold mine, but it's not a walk in the park.

These 8 tips will help you get to the goldmine faster than you expect.


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