How to Build Emotional Influence On Your Social Media Followers

How to Build Emotional Influence On Your Social Media Followers

Published on 7th of March 2023

To paraphrase the dignified and celebrated late Maya Angelou, people will forget what you say and even what you do, but the way you make them feel is something that will never fade away.

This is very true in the world of social media campaigns. Buyers often need to rely on their feelings when making a purchase decision, so you're dealing with a very emotional audience.

Tons of studies have shown that emotions play a significant role in decision making, coming in at about 70%. The remaining 30% is a result of logical reflection.

To create a great customer experience that will lead to positive results, it is necessary to focus on the entire customer journey—but more on the emotional side. This is more significant than any other factor.

Thankfully, social networks are great for building relationships with your customers. They also work wonders when increasing emotional connections.

Reports from a Motista study disclosed some interesting facts. 46% of followers that buy from a company believe that it reflects their lifestyle and brings them happiness. And only 20% of those polled disagreed.

Here are a few helpful tips for creating a more pleasant emotional state with your social media presence:

Does your content touch more on their feelings than logic?

To get the most response on social media, it is best to use these four specific triggers: sadness, happiness, anger, and fear.

Remember, content that stimulates a pleasant feeling is precisely what buyers want to see. Light, lovely posts are the right kind of content to send their way.

Despite this, fear is a negative emotion that can sometimes be helpful. People’s intuition to avoid whatever it is they fear provides an excellent opportunity for any business. Fear highly inspires people.

If you take the time to find out what your audiences want to avoid, you can create powerful content that makes them feel happy and enjoy their time on your page. That way, you can help them conquer their fears and stop feeling worried.

Meanwhile, one more thing is related to touching more on emotions than logic, which is providing too much information—i.e., information overload. This means we need to be mindful about how much information we provide.

You should generally share product details with prospects and customers who want them, but it’s important not to share too much. Giving out too much information might make your consumers second-guess purchasing from you.

More so, do you already have a loyal clientele who’s there for you in every product launch? Then focus on cultivating an exhilarating customer experience for them.

Permitting your customers to be fully immersed in the purchase-making process should be a priority for you. The best way to do this? Provide a safe and easy way to commit to their purchases while also making offerings that will totally captivate them.

When the content you provide gives your customers a sense of joy and consideration, the decision to go with your product will feel right—they’ll be happier in the long run!

Do you have a practical blueprint?

You're about to launch your social media campaign, but have you created a realistic blueprint of what and how you hope to achieve from this campaign?

You don’t just jump into creating content randomly for your brand; it doesn’t work that way!

Keep in mind that social media can be a very influential platform when you want people to react to your call-to-action, provided you follow these four steps:

Set a SMART goal and stay focused on achieving one single desired outcome. You need to outline how you plan to go about this. The more you and your followers know about this trajectory, the better off you'll be.

Create a strategy that will engage your audience by thinking about what will elicit an emotional response. This includes triggers, imagery, and hooks. Combine these aspects to get people to notice your content.

The next step is to engage your audience by employing terrific content—inspired by those elements we mentioned. You should always have an emotional story that echoes with your target markets.

Lastly, let them know what you want them to do—i.e., your call to action.

How strong is your brand image? Do customers want to identify with it?

Once you get a following on social media, just half of the battle is won. The Motista study we mentioned earlier shows that many followers develop a strong emotional attachment from brands they follow and feel joyful with every purchase from the company.

The customer's optimism towards sensitive brands shows that they’re already predisposed to pay attention to your content, as long as you’re keen on their feelings and triggers. So when you create exciting content relevant to their needs or pains, they'll indeed identify with it and start trusting your brand.

A good example is Coke's "Open Happiness" campaign. The message is very explicit, promoting happiness and positive emotions among buyers. The idea is that anyone who gulps their fizzy drinks will feel better as their mood will start to change.

So, you see, they’ve established a trustworthy brand image by using emotional triggers, well-produced content, and social listening. It’s all about recognizing your customers’ wants, needs, fears, and pains.

Creating content that tackles any of these can help you stand out from the competition. Customers will identify with it and voluntarily share it with their different social feeds.

Are you delivering an exceptional, satisfactory customer experience?

Have you heard about Chief Customer Experience Executives? They're becoming more popular in businesses since customer experience is so crucial to success these days.

Designing and creating remarkable experiences is vital for brands - this involves more resources to attract potential and existing customers. These high-quality experiences deserve higher priority now than ever before.

Depending on budget and market size, you may or may not need to hire a customer service company.

Costs associated with retaining clients are always of the utmost concern - which is one reason why firms are starting to use AI or outsource remotely. It's a cost-effective measure to make sure buyers have the best experience ever, keeping them loyal to the brand.

Whichever way you choose, you need to do all it takes to keep consumers pleased and happy.

Your internal or converted customers should be engaged every time since they have higher profitability and purchase more than those you’re just converting. Still, you need additional positive customer ratings to boost your brand identity.

Are you making your content that reverberates?

person holding ballpoint pen writing on notebookIn other words, repeat your brand message for people to know who you are when they see your social media posts. If you want them to remember your brand, constantly consider bringing them back to it when developing your content.

Develop a theme, and ensure those in charge of sharing your content are adequately grounded in this theme. You want to share that same idea or theme repeatedly.

Also, publish content regularly, so followers are always on the lookout. And use different techniques and viewpoints to make it more unique.

Ensure to vary up your content creation on different platforms. If you don't, the same content delivered in the same way may annoy your followers. You should strive to reach people with your ideas in different ways.

Key takeaways

The reality is that logical thought has no firm place on social media.

If you want your followers to have an active response to your call to action, it's worth being emotional. Remember that our reactions are determined mainly by how we feel rather than by logic alone.

All in all, the idea is to create a powerful influence across social media to produce a lasting impression that results in brand loyalty and strong client relationships.

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