How to Level Up on Instagram as a New Brand

How to Level Up on Instagram as a New Brand

Published on 28th of May 2024

For starters, getting your brand before Instagram’s big numbers only means one thing: brand recognition and business patronage. It’s one thing to have an Instagram business page, it’s another thing to employ it as a tool for brand marketing.

There are thousands of brands cashing out huge from Instagram, so you need to level up as a brand to achieve the same result. You need to first know what these people are doing right that’s getting them this far.

This article is here for just that. You would be led by the hand to know how you can level up on Instagram even as a fresh brand.

Use videos A LOT

This is the era of visual content where people are more interested to see what you’re talking about than mere words. So, instead of just writing about your brand with a logo in place, you should make a video of it.

Let people connect with what you’re talking about. You can’t say when a 5-60 seconds video of yours will go viral and of course, this will drive unprecedented traffic to your page.

You can use Instagram’s editing features, which make it easier to create a video. Go ahead, create, and share that video you want everyone to see about your business.

Schedule your posts

Just as it’s important to know who and where your brand is targeting, you equally need to know when to post. Of course, this is when your targeted audiences are most active.

Honestly, you don’t just want to post on Instagram; you need to create engaging avenues that get your engagement rates high up. And this happens with well-timed posts.

If you can’t intuitively find the best time to post, you should look into your page insights to understand when your followers engage your posts the most. You can then decide on your most strategic posting time.

If you need a fast level-up on Instagram (which is all about creating that wider awareness for your brand), sponsored ads wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can do this in three easy ways:

  • Create ads directly from Instagram - just use a short video or plain image, then choose your location, interest, and gender.
  • Create ads from your Facebook page and connect them to your Instagram, so the ad you created will appear on both your Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • The third one is creating ad campaigns in Ads Manager, which creates a complete connection between Facebook and Instagram.

Post regularly and be active

This point can’t be overemphasized when it comes to social media marketing. When you’re trying to find your feet as a new brand, this is when to push yourself most.

You don’t rest until you have seen your result. You’re trying to level up and maybe take your brand to an even higher level, so you must keep on posting quality posts to keep viewers glued to your page.

You must remain active as well, by engaging your followers in the comment section. You can’t imagine where the big break you need will arrive, so to be active is to be alert.

You need to plan your content ahead of time and have them ready to be posted daily. Building a brand to an enviable level doesn’t happen in a day, so don’t be lazy about it.

How else will you learn about how others succeeded without connecting with them? You quickly level up when you engage with other like-minds and allow them to tutor you right. All you need to do is to search these like-minded brands out, using either location or keyword search to get these accounts.

You can now follow them on their pages and engage with their posts. And don’t forget to tag these other brands and businesses. This will help you with your reach and of course, expose your brand to new audiences.

You should also use this high-profile brand's posts, hashtags, and even their captions to inspire yours. You’ll soon be getting much-needed results based on what’s already working.

Adopt an Instagram plan

One sure thing is that you can grow your brand with the right social media platform. But without having a specific plan on the ground, achieving greatness will be way more difficult.

Leveling up on Instagram requires you to put a great plan in motion so that whatever goal you have would be achieved. One positive about having a plan/strategy is that it helps you channel all your energy into achieving the goal at hand.

Hence, you need a goal-oriented plan. Find out the metrics you need to track so you can measure your progress as you move along. The next step is to know your competitors and your target audience.

You can even use web analytics tools to identify your followers' interests, location, or demographics. Same with your competitors; research their strategies and adopt them creatively.

The most powerful part is to work religiously on your plan until you achieve your business objectives, which will enable you to reach new heights.


Being a new brand doesn’t mean you should be stunted. The big names you hear on Instagram started just like yours, but they’ve now grown in leaps and bounds.

They were able to level up with their counterparts, so it’s quite doable and you can execute this smoothly. Use the above tips to grow your new brand to the level you envisage for it.

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