How to Set Up a Shop on Instagram

How to Set Up a Shop on Instagram

Published on 4th of June 2024

Not long ago, brands focused on providing great browsing experiences for followers on Instagram. Now, as many as 44 percent of Instagram users are shopping on the platform each week.

That means that followers aren’t simply watching content and scrolling aimlessly. Many are ready to spend on the things that appeal to them.

And Instagram isn’t sitting still when it comes to providing tools for brands and businesses to get out in front of more customers. Now, there are many ways that companies can directly engage with followers and more easily convert them into active shoppers.

One way that Instagram is turning followers into customers is through Instagram Shops. This feature allows businesses to drastically reduce the number of steps someone must take to go from brand awareness to product purchase. And the fewer steps there are, the lower the chance the follower will get distracted by other things like website pages or other Instagram content.

In addition, Instagram Shops are a cost-effective way of setting up an active and flexible storefront. This Instagram feature can also help brands create a more curated and personalized shopping experience for customers. If you have products or services to offer, it really makes a lot of sense to develop an Instagram Shop.

So how do you get started?

How to Set Up Your Instagram Shop

There are a few steps to setting up an Instagram Shop, and you may want to beef up your follower count before you qualify. Here’s how to set up your Instagram Shop:

  • Qualify for Instagram Shop

    While you don’t need a minimum number of followers to have an Instagram Shop, you will probably want to actively work on growing your account as you set up your Shop. You can usually go forward with starting the Shop after accepting the commerce policies and merchant agreement and ensuring you have an active domain where you’ll sell your products.

  • Goodbye Personal Account

    If you only have a Personal account, it’s time to move on to something more. Instagram offers you a choice between three types of accounts, but if you want to have an Instagram Shop, you’ll need to convert to a Creator or Business account. Of course, you can retain your Personal account and add an additional account for your business, or you can convert an existing account.

    To switch to a Creator or Business account, go to Settings and select Account. Then, you can select Switch to Professional Account and decide which account best meets your needs. Fortunately, this step takes only a few moments.

  • Set Up or Connect to a Facebook Page

    You may not have a Facebook presence for your business, but you must link a Facebook Page to your Instagram Shop. But if you have already set up a Facebook Shop, you can link that to your Instagram Shop, and the process is similar. Navigate to Edit Profile, and click on Public Business Information. From there, you’ll either create a new Page or select the one you want to connect to your Instagram Shop.

  • Upload the Products for Your Shop

    There are a few methods you can use to upload your products. If you are uploading a limited number of items or want to work on them one by one, you can use Facebook Business Manager. However, if you want to upload a more extensive catalog of products quickly, it might be easier to use a third-party integration that will import your catalog.

  • Submit Your Shop for Review

    You are not likely to get an instant Shop—once you have finished uploading your products, you’ll need to submit your Shop to Instagram. They’ll review it and should approve the Shop within a few days. In some cases, you may need to verify that you own the storefront.

  • Time to Activate

    Once you’ve gotten your Shop approved by Instagram, it’s time to bring it ‘online’ so you’re shoppable. Go to Settings, and select Business. Then, you’ll click on Shopping, where you’ll choose the Product Catalog you’re activating. Finally, hit Done, and your Shop is up!

You Set Up Your Instagram Shop—Now What?

Setting up your Instagram Shop is exciting, but what happens if you activate it and no one comes to buy? Fortunately, there are tons of tools you can use to garner interest and convert followers to buyers. Try these tips for boosting Shop sales:

  • Drops

    Hype up a product launch and get people to anticipate what’s coming next from you. Your drops can include exclusive content or limited-edition products that encourage people to act before it’s too late.

  • Discounts

    Everyone loves to save a little money. Many brands offer a discount code valid for first-time buyers only or for buyers that sign up for a newsletter or text alerts.

  • Customer reactions

    Encourage your customers who have purchased something from your Shop to do an unboxing or demo post that shows them reacting to or wearing the items they ordered from you. Ask customers to tag you so you can locate their content and repost it for your followers to see. And shouting out customers who have already purchased is a great way to thank them and make them feel special.

  • Creative promotions

    Your content doesn’t and shouldn’t always be precisely the same. You can tag up to five items in a single post and 20 in a carousel. In addition, you can also tag items in your Instagram Stories. Make regular use of all the ways you can promote products and drive followers to your Shops. The tools are there, and they’re proving to be highly effective, so don’t leave opportunities sitting on the proverbial table.

Additional Ways to Combine Brand Growth and Expand Shop Traffic

Don’t forget other techniques that will contribute to sales success. Remember to continue seeking ways to actively grow your account. Partner with influencers and content producers to reach both larger and niche but active audiences. And finally, think about how aggressive your sales approach will be. Some businesses ensure that all content actively promotes products and includes tags. Other companies like to intersperse relatable content or informational posts with tagged Shop posts.

If you’re offering a product or service, don’t sleep on this crucial business tool!

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