How to Lower Your Cost Per Click for Instagram and Facebook Ads

How to Lower Your Cost Per Click for Instagram and Facebook Ads

Published on 14th of June 2023

Facebook and Instagram ads have several different factors to consider, such as click-through rates, ad engagement rates, and the competition. You can't just focus on a higher click-through rate - you'll need to focus on other aspects of your campaign.

Learn how to save money on advertising, even if you already spend a lot! Some of the critical factors you should be thinking about are frequency and variety.

This article goes into detail about how your business can implement these methods successfully.

7 tips that can save you money when advertising on FB or IG

  1. 1. Watch out for the frequency of impressions

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    The frequency to which an ad is seen or clicked on is one of the main factors that define the quality and pricing of such an ad.

    First, let's take a look at some keywords here:

    Impression: The number of people who have seen your advertisement.

    Reach: The number of people your advertisement has reached.

    Frequency: The average number of impressions that each user has.

    In other words, the impression/reach indicates the frequency.

    When monitoring the effect of an ad, it can be hard to tell if specific individuals saw an ad or if the frequency of the ads affected the overall count and cost.

  2. 2. Monitor the quality of your advertisements

    There are many ways in which you can ensure the quality of your ads is good enough to promote engagement on the side of your audience.

    Some ways to do this include making sure they are engaging, creatively written, and focused on fun and informative content for your viewers.

    Never make ads boring, though, as this could lead to poor results! Make sure that your advertisement isn't shown similarly in several months.

    You can employ one technique for adequately measuring your ads by assigning different numbers to positive and negative reviews.

    If the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, that advertisement is not high enough quality and should be removed.

    You should be careful to spot ads that might damage your reputation or, at the very least, waste your money. If you find such ads, you should replace them before they do actual harm to your business.

  3. 3. Endeavor to choose the right audience

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    To save money, you should be mindful of who responds to your ads and who does not. This will give you essential insights for future campaigns.

    • Audiences of interests

      Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, connect people with similar interests. For advertisers, this can make it easier to deliver their messages to a specific group of people.

      This can be helpful with managing ad campaigns and making sure that they're optimized for the intended audience.

      However, some algorithms do not always reflect your true interests on social media. Facebook and other networks may have misread them over time.

    • Retargeting

      Retargeting isn't just about keeping your audience interested—it's also about increasing the chance of conversion for your product.

      By exposing your viewers to specific, more targeted content, you can encourage them to buy something as they are more likely to convert.

      There are several ways to do this. Aside from paid ads, one surefire way is by posting your posts on social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (other platforms would be appropriate here).

  4. 4. Optimize your Facebook account and campaigns

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    Facebook allows you to be more targeted and efficient with advertising.

    By setting up an ad that's presented most often to certain types of people and optimized for clicks, you're only putting your ad in front of those who are most likely to click on it!

    To optimize your Facebook advertising, it's best to choose the campaign objective and turn on optimization. This will guide you in selecting suitable, cost-effective options while still providing high profitability for your organization.

    You must add a Facebook pixel to track conversions from your website to help plan content more precisely. A "pixel" is a tool that helps Facebook track site-visitor interaction and conversion, so it's crucial to have one.

    You can add conversion triggers on your page for Facebook to optimize the ads it sends your target audience.

    Read more on Facebook ads optimization - you’ll find many resources online.

  5. 5. Choose your campaign objectives wisely

    Not choosing the right objective can lead to poor results and inflated pricing. Your choice determines how, when, and where your campaign will be served.

    It makes sense to organize your marketing or advertising objectives when setting overall CPC goals. You'll likely need to look at other purposes and how they affect your final results.

    If the tasks are more advanced (for example, gathering detailed information about users), the cost per click will be higher.

    A campaign objective designed to produce conversions will also have a higher CPC.

    The best way to kickstart a campaign is by experimenting and trying out a few different goals for it. Two campaigns for two purposes can help you get acclimated with the process, and then you can target just one.

    You might end up shooting yourself in the foot if the campaign is too broad, though.

  6. 6. Try ad scheduling

    Scheduling your ads on Facebook gives you the ability to save money.

    Facebook ad scheduling can help you save on ad spending by dictating when your ads will show up. You can save more by using this feature along with your lifetime budget.

    If you notice that your CPC is high, but traffic isn't converting, there may be times of the day when it's most impactful to your audience. Make a note of this and conduct some A/B tests to optimize your conversion rates.

    If the hours of your ads don't match the number of audiences you get, you might end up paying a high rate for wasted clicks.

  7. 7. Go ahead and customize placements

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    If you run ads on Facebook, you're likely familiar with ad targeting options that are available.

    You can reach potential customers geographically near but not directly on your page.

    You can show your campaign on Instagram Stories, the main feed, or some other Instagram feed. It's essential to choose a placement that best suits your campaign type for maximum success.

    Be mindful of the additional cost of advertising on videos that are only available to specific feeds.

    By budgeting a campaign to only appear in this Instagram feed, you'll only show the product ad to generate maximum exposure.


Navigating the social media advertising world can be challenging, but you can get the results you are looking for by following these seven guidelines.

With a test-and-learn approach, experimenting with pricing, strategies, and the target audience is one way to reduce costs for your business.

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