Actionable Ways to Network on Instagram for Business Growth

Actionable Ways to Network on Instagram for Business Growth

Published on 24th of May 2024

Instagram is one platform that has created an avenue for networking; it will be a delight for business owners to take advantage of this for brand growth.

Averagely, about 700,000 accounts on Instagram have profiles that are similar to yours, which can help you on a professional level via a connection. You’ll need to contact them, and you would be surprised at how you can leverage this to get your business progressing.

So you’re seeking the different actionable ways you can network on Instagram to grow your business; don’t worry, you’ll get the right tips here.

You just have to try out these different workable ideas and you’d be making a successful growth at networking with other businesses and creators on IG.

1. Network by employing hashtags

The idea is to use specific hashtags when you’re trying to network on the platform. With hundreds of millions of people browsing Instagram daily, scrolling through to find the perfect accounts to network with would be a chore. So, to simplify this search, learn to use these tags.

It’s a two-way thing: you use the #tag to search out related accounts that you need and then use relevant hashtags in your post so you can also be searched out easily. Using the right tag is key here, and you can find out by looking at the usage of people in your niche.

Once you dig these accounts out, you can start by dropping them a DM and follow up from there.

2. Network via Instagram groups

You just have to search out the groups that are related to you, then join them. Or better still, join a group chat. You can have group discussions about the challenges you’re facing in your business and how you can walk past them.

Remember that networking encompasses a lot; it isn’t just about looking for a partnership to contribute money, you can network to get vital information you can use to uplift your business.

The good thing is that knowledge is power and when you get the right information, you can use it to grow your business. So, chat with those already in your line of business, table your obstacles, and see how they can help you clear them.

Of course, you should also reciprocate.

3. Network with direct messaging

After searching out similar accounts with hashtags, you can start by chatting them up. There’s the DM feature that enables you to start a private conversation with the account. Start on a personal note to build trust.

You know scammers are on the prowl and businesses are skeptical of any contact now. You need to prove how genuine you are to these accounts, especially if you’re in contact with established businesses.

You can start with what you love about their businesses, which will draw them to you, and along the line, tell them about yours and how you would love to network with them.

You don’t need to be discouraged if you don’t hear from someone after a while; you need to keep trying other accounts until you can start networking with those who want to.

4. Take advantage of the Explore tab

This section highlights accounts you should follow based on your personality and previous posts you’ve found interesting. So, it seems Instagram already has networking in mind for its users.

This feature is there to help you find similar accounts to be in contact with as easily and fast as possible. Just scroll through your Explore tab and find an account you’d like to contact.

Remember, similar accounts are more likely to be interested in your business, so you should take advantage of this tab and start discussing with these different accounts.

So, apart from finding related accounts to network with using hashtags, you should also search your Explore tab to reach out to similar accounts that can help you grow your business.

5. Comment on their posts

You can get the needed attention by commenting on a post. Yes, everyone is behind a device, but your presence can still be felt through your contribution.

So, if you want your potential connection to notice you, you should always leave intelligent and related comments on their pages. You should try to offer your advice or suggestions, especially if it’s a post about a business issue.

Commenting numerous times on these accounts shows loyalty and genuine interest and you’ll be noticed. When you eventually discuss networking with them, it’ll be a lot easier for them to say yes.

You know it’s a natural thing for a business or brand to listen to someone who comments intelligently on an issue they’re familiar with, rather than relating to a total stranger.

6. Follow them

One way to get quick attention from an account on Instagram is to become a follower. Nobody wants some random account messaging them on the Gram. You’ll look like a troll or a seriously unserious person.

So, you can’t expect to start networking with some brand or business owners without following their pages. To get their attention, first becoming a fan or a loyal follower means no harm. You can then start networking.

Final thoughts

You’re looking for ways to sell your business to the world; yes, using Instagram to network and build connections will help you achieve this. If you ever wondered how that is possible, hope we’ve provided tangible answers to your questions.

Use 2-3 of these points at a time and wait for the result before moving to the rest. We can assure you that they’ll all work in your favor; you only have to adopt them creatively.

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