B2B Lead Generation Using Instagram Stories

B2B Lead Generation Using Instagram Stories

Published on 7th of May 2022

B2B is a structure of business operations where the focus is on marketing products and services to other businesses. This is different from marketing that is centered on consumers.

In B2B, you try to gain the attention of other businesses or organizations against targeting the end-users.

Instagram has billions of active users and this number includes tons of businesses as well.

It can be highly converting to take advantage of the presence of other businesses on Instagram for lead generation.

A study was recently conducted which showed that B2B brands can generate 20 times more engagement on Instagram than on LinkedIn.

Other favorable statistics show that over 500 million Instagrammers post and view stories daily. The same source also quotes a third of this number are businesses.

One might want to see the maximum duration of 24 hours as a disadvantage, but this isn't entirely true. These stories are placed above the feeds, thereby improving visibility.

There are a couple of strategies you can employ that will go a long way toward lead generation.

1. Make your viewers aware of your brand 

You must create awareness around your brand if you intend to generate leads through Instagram. Take advantage of the story's features by uploading interesting information about your brand.

This can be something that redirects them to where they can gather further information.

In doing this, do not forget the place of story-making tools as they make the content visually appealing. You can use these tools to create stories consistently—publicizing what your brand is all about.

When businesses view these stories, some of them try to get more information by visiting your site. This turns your Instagram story into a reliable lead magnet.

2. Create an engagement around your posts

It's easier to convert viewers into leads when there's a conversation around your brand.

Think of strategies that can bring up a discussion around what you're offering.

A brilliant route to get this done is by hosting an “ask me anything” section.

This approach encourages businesses to interact with your brand because you come off transparent. And this can be done directly from your Instagram stories.

Another way of converting easily is to involve an influencer in your niche. When they host your “ask me anything” on their channels, there's a higher chance of going viral since they have dedicated followers.

This approach gives you the added benefit of getting repeat views from your followers. And better yet, when their followers notice that your contents are interesting, they can even decide to follow you.

3. Always use Instagram stories for any update of your products

Maximizing the stories section for your updates can be quite beneficial. Moreover, it lasts for just 24 hours.

When you plan on adding a new product to your collection, updating your stories a few days before launch can be great. This can help build a buzz around your brand, which can help convert leads as well.

A nice addition to this is to launch a competition to further drive engagement on the product post.

Woman in Black Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Black Ceramic MugWhen you launch an interactive contest or competition, it has a very good chance of making the product trend and by extension, generate leads.

Some businesses are out there on the Gram just hunting for that new product that will be a hit. Once they notice a buzz around yours, they tend to pay attention to it and might follow up by contacting you for your B2B offering.

4. Attach quizzes and surveys to this promotion

Instagram has stickers that can be used for this essence. When done properly, it drives up engagement and interest in your products/services.

Quizzes and surveys help generate organic leads as well as grant you access to what they know and think. You get to plan your marketing more efficiently as well.

Well, obviously, your stories should carry positive reviews from your customers. There's no better way to leave your targets positive about your products than to showcase positive reviews from current users.

As a B2B marketer, your job is to attract other businesses by making them feel their investments are safe.

When they see testimonies from existing buyers, it makes them at ease and that generates more leads.

Uploading these testimonies on your Instagram stories could build your reputation. But your social proof doesn't have to be all positive.

No business has a range of 100% satisfied customers, so be true when highlighting social proof. You can even post a critical criticism of your brand or product/service, and how you plan to build on it to deliver a better offering.

5. Most importantly, use Instagram story ads

Paid ads play a vital role when it comes to marketing, online or offline. They're a premium way of getting the job done with little or no stress.

This can be achieved using Facebook Ads but don't forget to specifically choose leads generation. The conversion here has been growing steadily, so it's working.

Relying on organic practices can be successful though sometimes, time-consuming and slow. Using adverts definitely hasten this process.

Final thoughts

Instagram hasn't been known for its B2B potentials but this is gradually changing. Before, B2B marketers believed that Instagram has a younger age group to their targeted audience.

But recent statistics have shown otherwise more leads are being generated from Instagram stories than ever before.

Proper planning of when to post your stories, use of targeted strategies like quizzes and surveys, competitions, and positive reviews alongside paid adverts can generate you valuable leads.

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