Take Your Instagram Story Up a Notch With Stickers

Take Your Instagram Story Up a Notch With Stickers

Published on 26th of May 2021

Just as Instagram users keep increasing every time, the competition for marketers also keeps growing astronomically.

Are you a brand or creator with an Instagram business account? If yes, you would need to utilize all the features and marketing strategies you can lay your hands on. One of such features is the Story Stickers.

This article will provide all the tips and information that you need to know to take your Instagram content a notch and make it much more distinctive.

Instagram Story Stickers explained

Stickers add fun to stories, rejuvenating engagement and giving a touch of personality to the content. These stickers tend to engage your audience in a better, unmatchable way.

No matter how professional your brand is, a little fun will make it more appealing to followers. 

How to add Instagram Story Stickers

First, you need to make sure that the content (image or video) you're about to upload is on-point. The use of Story stickers is only complimentary, i.e, you have to ensure that each upload has some appealing element or substance to start with.

After publishing the content, you can put in stickers by clicking on the emoji icon at the top of the screen. You'll see several sticker options. Choose the type that you prefer and that appeals to the story, making sure it comes out in a very creative way. 

The common stickers come as emojis, fonts, and icons, but that's not all. You can also use stickers for location, questions, hashtags, etc. One that is gaining ground is the polls sticker, in which you ask a question and provide options for users to answer.

You can edit Story Stickers after adding them

There are several photo-editors online that can help you beautify and enhance the appeal of your content. Once you have the perfect content, you can now add in the Instagram Story Stickers. 

After adding a sticker, you can drag it to any part of your Instagram story. You can also reshape and adjust your stickers' size by pinching and zooming on them.

It's also possible to delete a sticker that you previously added; you simply drag it into the delete bin icon. 

Post the story by clicking the Your Stories button.

Is there a limit to its use?

Everything has a limit, and the Instagram Story Stickers are not left out. You don't want to clog your stories with too many stickers. So, apply some discretion and ensure that the sticker(s) align with your content.

How to use different types of Story Stickers

1. Questions

The hallmark of social media marketing is pulling great audience engagement. When you put up a question sticker on your stories, anyone can tap on the sticker and pose a question to you. The sticker is an opportunity for your audience to know more about you, your brand, and your products/services.

To view these questions, you swipe up your Instagram story. You can respond to the question directly or post Instagram stories with the answers. Many celebrities and creators key on these Q&A or AMA sessions, so there's no reason you shouldn't try it for yourself.

2. Polls

This sticker poses a question with few options that Instagrammers can choose from. It's a very effective way of reading your followers' pulse or knowing exactly what they want from you.

So you can conduct polls on the best and most popular products from your brand.

3. Text

You can write on your Story with this sticker, adding some style to your Instagram content. The sticker can further describe the content or provide extra information. It also includes font options to make the sticker even more stylish.

4. GIFs

GIFs are the ultimate way to add fun and humor to your stories. You can search for a GIF on Instagram or create your own. There are tools like PixTeller that you can use for this purpose.

5. Hashtags

Crucial to your marketing strategy, hashtags work wonders—and when placed in stories, users can click on them and get directed to the page for that specific hashtag. If you're including a branded hashtag, the sticker can help in drawing a lot of traffic to your brand.

6. Mentions

You can use this particular sticker to acknowledge a follower, brand, or even an influencer that you're working with.

This sticker will send the account you mentioned a notification, readily helping you to build business relationships.

7. Time and Weather

Yes, you can as well add time and weather details to your Instagram Stories. You drag the sticker and drop it anywhere on the Story. Obviously, the weather and time are based on your current location. 

You can use it to publicize an event with time and weather details, and Instagram provides several styles of the sticker.

8. Location

This one helps to tag the location of your Instagram content so viewers can check the precise location of the story.

So if you upload a product to your story, potential customers will be able to locate the exact store where they can find it.

9. Emoji

This sticker has become a strong culture as far as social media is concerned. Emojis add more perspective and fun to your content. Some users even use emojis to cover a part of their photo or video that they don't want people to see.

It's also possible to mix different emojis. These stickers can easily make your content more interactive but again, don't overdo it.

Instagram Stories stickers are very easy to use and the only way to perfect them is just by starting. So get your device right now and start placing those stickers on your content. Enjoy!

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