8 Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Posts

8 Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Posts

Published on 3rd of October 2023

Did you know that lots of brands and content creators use third-party tools to schedule posts on Instagram? They upload the posts, choose the date and time, and the app publishes it based on the information. If you’ve yet to do this, go over some of the benefits of scheduling posts on Instagram. Then, you can start using a tool to handle this for you.

1. Save Time by Getting Your Posts Together at Once

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Coming up with new Instagram post ideas each day is time-consuming. In fact, you might find yourself spending an hour or more each day creating content. Fortunately, you can free up your workweek by scheduling posts in advance.

You’ll just need to set aside a day of the week to create your posts. Then, you can create a posting schedule, so they’ll post throughout the week. You’ll discover that you can come up with ideas and create posts faster when doing it at once. Then, you won’t have to worry about generating new ideas as the days pass.

Don’t completely unplug from Instagram, though. You’ll still want to visit the site to engage with users. Also, you might need to come up with a new post or two based on current events or trends.

2. Improve Your Captions by Scheduling Your Posts

It’s not easy to write Instagram captions at the last minute. In fact, you’re likely to create weak captions that don’t convert when you do this. However, you can improve your captions and increase conversions by scheduling posts in advance.

First, come up with all of your posts. Then, set aside some time to write a caption for each one. You can wait until your creative juices are flowing and then tackle the entire task in one sitting. Then, you’ll have time to mull over what you wrote and make changes before the posts go live. By the time they hit Instagram, you’ll have perfectly crafted captions that should get results.

3. Ensure Your Posts Go Live when Your Audience Is Most Active

You can review your Instagram analytics to find out what time of day your audience is the most engaged. Then, you can schedule your posts to go live at that time. That way, you won’t have to make sure you’re available at the best posting times. Instead, you can set it and forget it by scheduling the posts.

4. Develop a Consistent Presence

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It’s a myth that you need to upload something each day on Instagram to build a following. However, users reward consistency.

Assume that Bob and Anna both use Instagram to promote travel businesses. One week, Bob posts every day. The next week, he manages to publish something on a Friday and then skips the following week altogether. Finally, he goes back to daily posting the next week. His account is all over the place, giving his followers whiplash. After disappearing and reemerging, some people might end up unfollowing him out of annoyance.

Anna doesn’t have the time to come up with daily posts, but she publishes something every Monday and Wednesday, like clockwork. Anna’s followers know what to expect from her, so they stay tuned. She doesn’t lose followers because they know what to expect from her account.

You might find yourself in Bob’s shoes because it’s hard to be consistent when you have other tasks to handle. Fortunately, you can schedule your posts to maintain a consistent online presence. Then, you can show your followers that you’re reliable, so they’ll stick around.

5. Ensure Your Posts Stay on Brand

If you post on the fly, you’ll likely end up publishing an image or video that doesn’t align with your brand. Then, that post will stick out like a sore thumb and make your page look less professional.

This is much less likely to happen if you schedule posts in advance. You’ll have a chance to review everything before publishing it, giving you the opportunity to make changes to posts that aren’t on brand.

6. Plan Your Instagram Feed

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Staying on brand is just one of the many objectives you have when posting on Instagram. You also need to plan your Instagram grid layout so that it’s visually appealing. It’s hard to stay on top of it when crafting a new post each day. However, you can develop and maintain a design aesthetic when scheduling posts. Once you come up with your posts, you can shuffle them around to maintain the proper layout. Then, your grid design will be visually appealing to followers and people that stumble upon your account.

7. Maintain a Balance

Maintaining the proper balance is also critical when posting on Instagram. For instance, you don’t want to publish 10 marketing posts in a row, or you’ll risk annoying your followers. The same is true for any type of post. Instead, you need to mix things up to keep people engaged.

It’s easy to forget what you posted the day before, which is why so many accounts upload the same content over and over. However, you won’t have any trouble mixing it up when you schedule your posts. A quick glance will let you know if you have too many marketing posts or if you’re going a little too heavy with inspirational quotes. Then, you can make adjustments to ensure you deliver an assortment of content to your audience.

8. Take a Vacation

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If you manage an Instagram account, you might feel like you can’t take a day off from your tasks. That means that going on vacation is out of the question. After all, you can’t afford to stop posting for a week or two while you enjoy some rest and relaxation.

You can take a social media break and keep your feed full of posts by scheduling them in advance. Once everything’s scheduled, you can shut down for a bit and decompress. Just make sure that someone steps in to engage with your followers while you’re unplugged.

Start Scheduling Posts Today

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to schedule Instagram posts. Thus, get started today, and then monitor your analytics to check your marketing strategy. If you’re having trouble generating engagement, you can buy Instagram likes for your posts. That will provide a much-needed spike in engagement, so Instagram will show your posts to more users.

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