Instagram and Vacations: How to Keep Your Account Going at Full Speed

Instagram and Vacations: How to Keep Your Account Going at Full Speed

Published on 21st of April 2023

If you manage your brand’s Instagram account or are a popular creator, the very idea of unplugging can cause lots of stress. But, at the same time, you know you need to take vacations from time to time, or you’ll get burned out. Fortunately, you can keep your Instagram account running while on vacation by following some tips.

Schedule Content in Advance

closeup photo of ballpoint pen near cameraFirst, you need to create some content and schedule it so that your account will continue to post while you’re away. While you can’t take part in the latest trends or react to news or events that occur when you’re away, you can create evergreen posts that your followers will gobble up while you’re on vacation.

Be sure to create a mixture of content, including feed posts, Stories, and Reels. Then, you can schedule them so that they’ll post when you’re away.

Keep in mind that your first day back from vacation can be chaotic, so you might want to schedule posts for the day you return as well. Then, if you’re overwhelmed catching up on emails and DMs, you will still have an active account.

Have Someone Step In

After you schedule content, you need to choose someone to handle urgent requests. For example, if your brand prides itself in responding to DMs within 24 hours, you’ll need someone to take over for you while you’re gone. Don’t worry if you’re a solo operation. You can hire a freelance virtual assistant to step into the role while you’re on vacation. You’ll want to give the virtual assistant your contact information in case of an emergency. Most of the time, though, they can handle requests and won’t need to reach out for help.

Inform Your Followers if There Will Be a Change

If your followers have connected with you and expect you to answer DMs, let them know that you’re taking a short vacation. Then, they won’t be confused if the communications change while you’re gone. This can also help explain why you aren’t posting timely content.

Don’t be surprised if your followers congratulate you for stepping away from a bit when you do this. It’s easy to get so immersed in Instagram management that people never stop working, and that’s not healthy. Even your followers know that breaks are needed from time to time, and they’ll be happy for you.

Have a Crisis Management Plan in Place

woman in white and gray sweater writing on white paperYou can reduce the chance of the virtual assistant or a staff member reaching out to you by having a crisis management plan in place. First, brainstorm for potential crises that can occur when you’re away and write out a plan for each one. You can even create templates for responses to different types of situations. Additionally, write out who is responsible for handling each type of crisis and if or when you need to be contacted.

While a problem likely won’t happen during your vacation, you’ll be much more relaxed knowing that your team will be able to handle it if something does occur. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of relief when you clearly explain when you should and should not be contacted during a crisis.

Keep Engagement Flowing by Buying Instagram Likes

group of people clapping handsYou won’t be able to interact with other users when you’re gone, meaning your engagement could take a hit. You can prepare for that by purchasing real Instagram likes before your trip. Then, real people will like your posts while you’re gone. This will allow you to maintain high levels of engagement while you’re away. Then, it’ll be like you never left when you get back to work.

Delete Your Apps so You can Truly Unplug

person holding black android smartphoneIf you keep Instagram on your phone, you’re going to find yourself scrolling through it from time to time. You won’t truly unplug, so you won’t feel relaxed when you get back home. Thus, delete your app so that you can’t access your business or personal accounts. Keep an email on your phone so that people can contact you if there’s a true crisis, though. That way, you won’t be completely cut off from the world, but you won’t be distracted either.

Set Firm Boundaries with Coworkers and Clients

Ski Area Boundary signYou should inform your coworkers and clients that you’ll be away for a set period of time and will only be available for a true emergency. Hold your ground and set firm boundaries when doing this. Some people might ask if they can talk to you periodically, but you can explain that you will be free to catch up on everything you missed as soon as you return to the office. You need the time to recharge, and if you’re constantly dealing with little fires, you’ll come back stressed.

If you’re working with clients, give them the contact number for the person or people who are stepping in for you while you’re away. You might even want to facilitate a phone call or email between your clients and the interim Instagram account manager. Once they’re introduced, they’ll be more likely to interact while you’re gone. That means they won’t try to bypass the new virtual assistant and contact you directly.

Set Up a Meeting for Your Return

You’re going to unplug for a bit, and you don’t want your coworkers messaging you about every little thing that happens at work. However, you do need to get caught up as soon as you arrive back at work. Thus, set up meetings on the day you return. Then you can touch base with your coworkers, boss, or clients. They can use this time to get you back in the loop so you’ll be ready to resume managing the Instagram account.

Start Planning Well in Advance

The earlier you plan for a vacation from Instagram, the better. Then, you’ll have ample time to pre-plan your content, buy Instagram likes, and create crisis plans. Additionally, you can get the intern social media manager up to speed before you leave. Once you take a vacation or two, it will get much easier. At that point, you might be able to go on a last-minute trip. For now, though, start the planning process immediately so you’ll be ready when it’s time to leave.

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