Debunking Myths About Working With Instagram Influencers

Debunking Myths About Working With Instagram Influencers

Published on 14th of September 2022

If you are on Instagram very often, you’ve encountered your fair share of influencers. They pop up in feeds all across Instagram, promoting products from various brands. You can’t help but wonder if your brand could also benefit from influencer marketing. However, some myths might be holding you back. Go over the truth behind common Instagram influencer marketing myths. Once you debunk the myths, you’ll be ready to engage in influencer marketing. 

Myth – Only Large Companies Can Afford to Partner With Influencers

person holding 100 US Dollar banknoteMany small businesses skip influencer marketing because they think they can’t afford it. It’s true that it costs lots of money to hire influencers who have millions of followers. However, most small businesses can afford to partner with micro and nano influencers. Micro-influencers have fewer than 100,000 followers, while nano-influencers have less than 10,000 followers. 

Many micro-influencers will post on a brand’s behalf for as little as $500. Then, nano-influencers might work for free products. 

Don’t let a small budget prevent you from looking for influencers to partner with on Instagram. You just need to find influencers that fit in your budget instead of going after big fish with millions of followers. 

Myth – Micro and Nano-influencers Don’t Get Results

You might be hesitant to hire a micro or nano-influencer, thinking they won’t get results. However, micro and nano-influencers generally have strong relationships with their followers. Their engagement rates are usually off the charts, so they can run campaigns that get amazing results. 

Your posts might not reach as many people when you use a micro or nano-influencer, but you can expect higher levels of engagement. That makes these partnerships a fantastic choice. 

Myth – Leads from Influencers Aren’t Qualified

Some brands forgo influencer marketing because they don’t think they’ll get high-quality leads. However, the right partnership will help you attract leads that are ready to make a purchase. The key is to look at the influencer’s audience demographics before partnering with him or her. Choose an influencer that reaches people who will naturally be interested in your product or service. Then, you can expect the marketing campaign to generate qualified leads. In fact, your influencer marketing campaign might end up being the most successful marketing strategy in your toolkit. 

Myth – You Relinquish Full Control When Working With Influencers

Woman in Red Blazer Using LaptopSome influencers require that brands relinquish full control, but that’s not usually the case. Most influencers seek out true partnerships. They want to work on messaging with brands, so they can run successful campaigns. By working together, influencers can use their own voice while also staying on the brand message. That means you can retain some control during the campaign.  

Myth – Influencers Are Difficult to Work With

woman in gray turtleneck long sleeve shirtThere’s a myth that influencers are hard to work with, but that’s not true. Influencers are content creators and entrepreneurs. They want to help you run a successful campaign because that will boost their business and status. Most influencers are hardworking and will do what it takes to make your campaign a success.

Myth – Only Some Industries Are a Good Fit for Influencer Marketing

In the past, influencer marketing was widely used for health, beauty, and fashion brands. Now, though, all brands can benefit from influencer marketing. Even B2B companies use influencer marketing to excellent results. Regardless of your industry, you can benefit from influencer marketing on Instagram. 

Myth – Once the Campaign Is Set, There’s Nothing Else for Brands to Do

Some brands take a hands-off approach when running influencer marketing campaigns. However, you can increase your level of success by being more active during the rollout. 

Buying Instagram likes is one way to take an active role in the campaign. You can do this if the influencer creates user-generated content that ends up on your page. Purchase real Instagram likes to increase engagement levels. This will help you reach more people quickly. 

Myth – Influencer Campaigns Don’t Have Longevity

There’s a myth that brands can only use an influencer once, so these campaigns don’t have longevity. In reality, you can form a long-term partnership with influencers. Then, the influencer can continue to promote your brand as part of your long-term strategy. Long-term campaigns add additional authenticity, so they are the ideal way to promote your products and brand.

Myth – Influencer Marketing Is on the Decline

pink and white flowers in blue ceramic vasePeople have been saying that influencer marketing is on its way out for years. However, it just manages to get bigger and bigger. Instead of being on a decline, influencer marketing is becoming more popular. It’s unlikely to go away anytime soon. In fact, influencer marketing will probably be around for generations. It’s the most authentic form of marketing, so as of now, it’s irreplaceable. 

Myth – FCC Compliance Hurts Results

woman signing on white printer paper beside woman about to touch the documentsThe FCC requires that influencers let followers know when they are making sponsored posts. Some people think this hurts results, but the opposite is true. When influencers don’t follow FCC guidelines, they put themselves and the brand at risk. Also, they can lose trust with their followers by failing to disclose partnerships. 

Adhering to the FCC’s guidelines will help you run a successful campaign. It’s also easy to do when you use Instagram. Instagram has various tools for influencers to use to ensure they comply with the law. 

Myth – It’s Easy for Influencers to Scam Brands

Free illustrations of Traffic signsThere’s a myth that influencer partnerships are just verbal agreements. Because of that, people think they can get scammed. While you can enter a verbal agreement, high-quality influencers are willing and ready to enter written, legally binding contracts. This will protect you and the influencer. 

Choose an Influencer for Your Next Campaign 

Now that you have a better understanding of influencer marketing, you can take the next steps and begin your own campaign. Find an influencer, create an agreement, and then move forward with the campaign. Influencer marketing is a powerful way to promote your brand, products, and services, and you should see results quickly. Just remember to buy Instagram likes to give your campaign an immediate boost.


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