Post Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Post Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Published on 17th of October 2021

Are you having trouble coming up with fresh post ideas for your Instagram account? When you consider that you should post one to three times a day to get the best results, it’s understandable that you’re having issues coming up with ideas. Fortunately, you can make the process much easier by using some tried and true post ideas. Fall back on these ideas whenever you have trouble coming up with new content.

Ask a QuestionQuestion Mark Illustration

If you’re struggling to come up with content, consider asking your followers a question related to your business. For instance, if you run a steakhouse, you can ask people what their favorite cut of meat is or how they like it cooked. You can also ask about new menu ideas to determine what your target market wants you to add. On the other hand, if you sell sporting equipment, you can inquire about people’s favorite sports or what brand of golf club they like the best. These posts are engaging, so you can reach new people as well.

Broadcast a Live Instructional VideoFree stock photo of accessibility, asl, business

Do you have a product or service you can demo? Broadcast a live instructional video to share with your audience. These are rare on Instagram, so you’re sure to get lots of attention. Also, because it’s a live video, you can read comments and answer questions on the fly. It’s a fun way to engage with your audience, and like asking questions, you can expect high engagement levels. 

Host a Question-and-answer SessionQuestions Answers Signage

If you spend any time on Reddit, you’re likely familiar with the acronym “AMA.” It stands for “Ask me anything,” and it gives fans and followers a chance to get answers to their burning questions. You don’t have to hop on Reddit to host an AMA. You can do it from your Instagram account. Open up the floor to questions but remember that you can be selective when choosing what to answer. Pick the best questions and answer them, and when you’re out of time, thank everyone and tell them that you have to wrap it up. Then, when you get some time, go back and read the questions. This will give you a good idea of what’s on your audience’s mind. 

Share User-generated Content 

You can easily keep your Instagram feed full of photos and videos by sharing user-generated content. Look for content that people have posted about your brand, and then ask them if you can share it. Also, invite users to send you images or videos for you to share on your timeline. Followers enjoy expanding their own reach by getting on a brand’s page, so it’s easy to find user-generated content. Then, once you post it, you can reap the benefits. User-generated content adds authenticity to your brand and helps you build trust, making it an excellent posting strategy. It’s such a strong strategy that you’ll want to use it, even when you aren’t short on content. 

Share Quotes

If you’re short on time and content, you can share a quote to your Instagram account. Look for engaging quotes that fit with your page’s theme. If your quotes don’t get much traction at first, you can buy Instagram likes. This can create a snowball effect. The more likes you get, the more people will see your post. Then, you will attract more organic likes, and before long, your post can go viral. That’s not bad for a quote post.

Go Behind the Scenes

Consider pulling back the curtain and showing your followers life behind the scenes when you’re short on content. You’ll notice that brands are embracing behind-the-scenes photos and videos on Instagram. It allows them to show their followers the people behind the brand. That makes connecting with followers so much easier. Plus, it’s a cool way to showcase your personality. You’ll be amazed by how much fun Instagram can be when you go behind the scenes. 

Post a Stock Photo

You might be surprised to see stock photos on the list. Posting stock photos was frowned upon a few years ago, but that’s no longer the case. You can post stock photos when you need content but keep a few things in mind. First, only choose stock photos that fit with your brand and your page. If the photo doesn’t make sense for your brand, skip it and select another one. Second, try to find a unique stock photo. You don’t want to choose the same stock photos that your competitors are using. Third, write a killer caption with your stock photo. If you can do all three, you can benefit from posting stock images to Instagram. 

Host an Instagram Takeover 

If you need a break from coming up with posts so you can recharge your creative batteries, consider an Instagram takeover. You can choose an influencer, employee, colleague, customer, or community member to take over your account. Takeovers are a fun way to increase engagement and excitement, and you can enjoy a little break. Then, you’ll be back to the drawing board the next day, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your posting duties.  

Promote a Discounttext

If you have a discount or offer, promote it on Instagram when you need something to post. You don’t want to constantly push your products or services, but you can post special deals every once in a while. Limit these posts to no more than once a week, so people still get excited when they see them. If you post more than that, people will think you always have a special going on, so they won’t feel a sense of urgency. 

Mix It up on Instagram

Instead of just using one of these ideas, mix it up, so you can keep people engaged and excited on Instagram. You want your posts to fit into an overall theme, but you don’t want them to get stale. By continuing to mix up your offerings, you’ll keep your followers on their toes. Then, you can expect higher levels of engagement.

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