Get More Out of Instagram Carousel Posts

Get More Out of Instagram Carousel Posts

Published on 21st of September 2022

Do you have trouble choosing a single photo or video clip? You can combine up to 10 when creating carousel posts on Instagram. Your followers will see an icon in the upper corner of the post, showing that there are multiple images or videos. They can then click through the post to see all the images and videos. 

If you’ve yet to try this feature or haven’t gotten the right results, check out these tips. They will help you get more out of Instagram carousel posts. 

Be Mindful of the Size Requirements

green ruler on white surfaceInstagram carousel posts are uniform, meaning all images and videos are the same size. When you choose the first image, you are effectively choosing the size for all other images. That means it’s critical to choose images that meet the size requirements without diminishing the quality. For instance, you don’t want to start with a landscape photo when the rest of the images can’t meet that format without becoming pixelated. 

Mix Videos and Photos

Some people think that they can only post one type of media when creating carousel posts. In fact, some of the most successful carousel posts contain a mixture of videos and photos. When the situation calls for it, provide a mixture to keep your audience engaged. Then, they’ll never know what’s coming with the next slide. 

Use a Template

You want to maintain a consistent look when posting on Instagram. Use a template for your carousel posts so they flow together. You should have separate templates, depending on the size of the images you’re using. However, the templates just have to differ regarding the size of the images. Otherwise, they can look the same. 

Post 10 Slides

You can post a carousel with as few as two slides. However, you will maximize your engagement by posting 10 slides. If you don’t have enough content for 10 slides, don’t push it. When possible, though, add 10 slides to increase the engagement. 

Get Lots of Likes

Man in White Crew-neck Top Reaching for the LikeEngagement has a way of spiraling on Instagram. When you get some engagement, Instagram shows your posts off to more people. Then, you get even more engagement, and your post might even go viral. 

Getting enough engagement to expand your reach should be your first goal. If you’re having some trouble, buying Instagram likes can be the solution. You can buy real likes for your carousel posts. That will help you get to the engagement level needed to reach a new audience. You can get organic likes as your carousel post spreads around Instagram. There are lots of moving parts to this, but it starts with buying Instagram likes. 

Include a Call-to-action (CTA) in the First Post

CTAs are powerful on Instagram, and that includes carousel posts. If you add a CTA that tells people to swipe right, you will see your engagement levels grow. Some people are afraid to add a CTA because they think it’s overkill, but it’s been proven to increase engagement. If you aren’t sure, test it. Upload some carousel posts with a CTA and others without it. Then, you can compare engagement rates.


Do your products offer huge results?  You can create a carousel post for the big reveal. Start the post with the before image and then follow that with the transformation. You can show the person actually using your product and then end with the results. This is highly click-worthy, and you can expect higher levels of engagement. 

Provide Recommendations With a Carousel Post

Brands are also using carousel posts to provide recommendations. For instance, if you run a travel brand, you can create a post with the best hotels in New York. You could also provide airport details from around the country or the world. On the other hand, if you are a beauty influencer, you can use carousel posts to highlight the best makeup for a specific look. 

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for doing this. Instead, think of the information your audience craves, and then create a carousel post full of recommendations. 

Show Off Company Culture, But Stick to a Theme

Group of People In Dress Suits Because you can group up to 10 images, carousel posts are an excellent way to show off your company culture. Come up with a theme and then create a carousel with images of different employees. For instance, if your company is into sports, you can create a carousel with everyone wearing attire from their favorite sports teams. The right carousel images will help your audience connect to your company. It can also be a lot of fun for employees. 

Customer reviews and success go hand in hand. If you have lots of positive reviews, people are more likely to trust your brand and buy your products. The trick is to make sure people see the reviews, so you can enjoy the benefits. That’s where carousel posts can come into play.

Gather a bunch of positive reviews and add them to a carousel post. You can only post up to 10 images or videos on a single post, so you might need to make several. Come up with categories when creating the different carousel posts. For instance, you can create different posts for various types of products.

Don’t post all the review carousels at once. Sprinkle them through your feed to get the best results.

Recap Events

Group of People Standing Inside RoomYou can even use carousel posts to recap events. Curate images and video clips from your events to show the world how much fun you had. You can also use the carousel post to help people relieve the event and update them on important announcements. 

These tips will help you get the most out of your carousel posts. Add them to your marketing strategy so you can increase engagement. Also, don’t forget to purchase Instagram likes, so you can begin to build engagement on your carousel posts.


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