How To Get 1000 Free Followers On Instagram

How To Get 1000 Free Followers On Instagram

Published on 20th of June 2018

Million dollar companies are shifting their ad budgets from TV commercials and billboards to social media apps. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter have some of the highest advertising revenue streams in the world. They are making over a billion dollars annually through promotions and sponsorships.


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What caused this shift?


There are currently 800 million Instagram accounts. As one of the most powerful apps in the world, peoples’ eyes are on Instagram. As an entrepreneur, marketer or business person this means only one thing. The time to create an Instagram profile is now. Established corporations and individuals are taking advantage of the amount of time people are spending on Instagram and using it to build their businesses. Some businesses make the majority of their revenue off of Instagram. For example, the fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein promotes her line of overalls on her Instagram page. Within minutes all of the styles will be sold out. The same power in social media is seen with Kylie Jenner, who promotes when her makeup kit launches are live through Instagram. It takes minutes for all of the inventory to be sold. These individuals have created powerful personal brands that have motivated a legion of followers. Danielle Bernstein stands at 1.8 million followers and Kylie Jenner has 109 million followers. Yet, they didn’t start this way. Every famous Instagram account started at zero. They all had to make curating content a part of their schedule, find posts that always had engagement and work with other influencers to help grow their audience. The first step to one million followers is 1,000.


Here’s how to get your first 1,000 Instagram followers.


Step One: Choose your niche



Instagram is a marketing platform, which means marketing strategies have major impact. One of the first rules of marketing is in defining your niche. Who are you trying to attract? Who is your ideal follower? Figuring out who the perfect followers is will tell you how to create content. If you’re an aspiring travel blogger your perfect follower is somebody interested in travel who likes seeing aesthetic travel pictures. If you want to create a fashion account, your perfect follower loves Vogue and accounts like Danielle Bernstein’s. If you want to have a voice in the tech space, your perfect follower reads Mashable and watches new tech item reviews. The more specific you can be with your niche, the faster you’ll be able to grow. As a marketer, it’s easier to create content for a specific type of person than multiple types of people. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck within this niche forever. Once you have established a following, you can begin to veer into other projects. For example, Danielle posted fashion content for over two years before introducing her community to her choreographed dance videos. These two niches don’t have a lot in common, but she’s been able to bring her fashion followers to be interested in her weekly dance routines.







Step Two: Analyze Your Competitors




Who’s doing what you want to be doing and doing it well? These accounts are the ones to take notes from. The reason is that these accounts have already found the intersection of content and value that is bringing followers to consistently engage. You’ll want to use an engagement rate to see who’s really creating content that’s sticking. Engagement rate is the average amount of likes and comments per post divided by the number of followers an account has. Multiply this number by 100 to get the engagement percentage. Analyze accounts in the same niche that you want to be in that have a 7% plus engagement rate. Accounts with a lower rate may seem like they’re creating great content, but their high number of likes doesn’t equate to their following. For example, getting 10,000 likes on a post is great engagement for an account with 500,000 followers. It’s a low engagement rate for an account with 5 million followers. Find competitors with high engagement rates and an analyze how they create their content: 1. What kind of posts do they publish? For example, are they text, video or pictures? 2. What verbiage in their bio makes you immediately understand what the account is about? 3. How many times a week do they post? 4. What hashtags are they using? 5. What do their captions look like? Study high performing competitors to create content that will succeed.




Step Three: Find A Content Schedule




If your competitors publish one Instagram post per day, then you need to publish one Instagram post per day. If they are always uploading stories, you need to do the same. Figuring out your content schedule is going to be essential to curating a content calendar. As much as Instagram wants you to believe that it’s on the spot, posted content this isn’t true. The savvy Instagram marketers with hundreds of thousands of followers know that a content calendar is the reason for the success. Bikini company Monday Swimwear plans trips to paradise locations around the world to get content for their Instagram ad campaigns promoting new bikini launches. This creates a massive library of content for the brand to post for months to come.




Choose a specific day of the week to take pictures or find and make all of your text content. Have everything curated for the week so when it is time to post, all you have to click is publish. Find the content schedule that works well with you and your team, if necessary.




Step Four: Ask Instagram To Market For You (For Free)




Free Instagram marketing is still available. It’s in the form of hashtags and geotags that can be placed on both posts and stories. These are the extra boost a new account can use to get seen by more users. A useful hashtag curation tool is . You can use the free online tool to find hashtags that aren’t as saturated by searching for more popular hashtags. For example, if you search for #fashionblogger, the tool will show you up to thirty alternate hashtags. These hashtags are less popular and more powerful since they have less competition. The chances of your posts being seen for this hashtag over the popular one are higher.



1000-instagram-followers-2.jpg Geotagging is tagging the location of a photo, video or story. It allows users to look at content from a city to city basis.


Step Five: Tag Similar Accounts In Your Pictures


Tagging accounts in the same niche as your account in each picture can help drive traffic to your account. For example, an Instagram account promoting a digital nomad lifestyle will tag freelance platforms, digital nomad accounts and travel accounts. This places your picture under somebody elses, “Pictures of this account” section. It brings awareness to your account by placing it directly in front of your ideal follower. HDFMagazine, an entrepreneur driven account uses this strategy. The owner, @MattGottesman tags like minded entrepreneurial accounts and has grown his reach to over 100,000 followers. 1000-instagram-followers-3.jpg With this approach, it’s ideal not to consistently tag the same accounts. For each picture, tag 10-15 different accounts in the same niche.


Step Six: Always Respond To Comments



This is one of the most looked over strategies to creating an account with high engagement. By responding to comments, you create a relationship with the users. For example, Case Kenny has launched a personal brand from his millennial brand, PRSUT. Since launching his personal brand, he created a podcast that went to number 100 on the it’s first day. His key to success has been in always responding to comments, no matter how many he gets. What this does is create a personal tie between himself and his followers that motivates them to follow and engage with his content.







The first step to one million followers is 1,000. Every account has started at zero, which is the proof that it is possible to grow a multi million person following on Instagram. These six steps are essential to creating an engaged audience and a high quality account. Attract your ideal follower by giving them the content they want to see. Choose your niche, analyze competitor accounts, stick to a schedule, use other accounts to promote yours and always take the time to respond to comments. The road to 1,000 followers takes patience and strategy. With over X million people using Instagram a day, it is well worth it to put time and effort to increasing your Instagram presence. 

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