Factors to Consider Before Partnering With an Instagram Influencer

Factors to Consider Before Partnering With an Instagram Influencer

Published on 7th of August 2022

Influencer marketing can expand your reach and help you build authenticity. Before you jump in, though, you need to make sure you choose the right influencer to represent your brand. Consider some factors before partnering with an Instagram influencer, so you’ll select someone who will boost your marketing campaign. 

Brand Relevance 

First and foremost, make sure the influencer is relevant to your brand. Influencers have lots of followers, but you won’t get results if those followers aren’t in your market. Look at the topics the influencer covers, as well as the audience he or she reaches. Ask the influencer for audience demographic data before you sign an agreement. 

Engagement Rates 

person using Android smartphoneSome brands partner with influencers based on follower count alone. They figure that if the influencer has lots of followers, their content will receive lots of views. That, in turn, will help them reach their marketing goals. 

In reality, follower count will only get you so far when it comes to influencer marketing. Choosing an influencer with a high engagement rate will help you achieve your goals. The influencer can provide you with engagement rates for different types of content. If the influencer isn’t getting lots of likes, comments, and shares, choose someone else. 


Choosing an influencer with credibility will also help you have a successful campaign. You want an influencer that followers trust, so you can reach your marketing goals. You can determine credibility by finding out what people say about the influencer. Look for comments online. Also, read the comments left on the influencer’s posts. Are they positive or negative? That can tell you quite a bit about what people think of the influencer. If the influencer gets lots of positive buzz and comments, they are a credible source. 

Previous Campaigns

If the influencer has partnered with other brands, look at those campaigns. Did the influencer help the brand or hurt it? Was the influencer authentic and compelling? These are questions to ask as you review past campaigns. If the influencer missed the mark on previous campaigns, you need to find someone else. 

Caption Length 

person using black smartphoneYou also need to consider caption length when choosing an influencer. Longer captions get better results for influencer marketing campaigns. If an influencer is prone to writing short captions, you might not get the best results possible. Go with someone who normally writes long captions to ensure that you can get the most out of the partnership. 


The influencer’s values will have a direct impact on your brand. If the person’s values don’t align with those of your brand, you could end up with significant consequences. For example, if you run a vegan brand, it wouldn’t make sense to choose an influencer who has also partnered with a burger business. The campaign won’t look authentic, and you could get lots of blowbacks. Spend some time learning as much about the influencer as possible to ensure that your values align. 

Content Blend 

white Android smartphoneSpend some time analyzing the influencer’s content. Does the person have a nice blend of content to engage the audience? That person would likely be a good fit. On the other hand, if most of the posts are sponsored content, the engagement levels could drop dramatically. 

Potential for Controversy

Some people choose controversial influencers because they think that all publicity is good publicity. However, partnering with a controversial influencer could hurt your brand’s image. It’s a good idea to partner with low-risk influencers to ensure that you don’t harm your image during the campaign.


woman wearing white dress shirtIt’s also important to consider how much an influencer will cost before entering a partnership. Costs vary depending on influencers’ number of followers and engagement levels. If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to get a high-value influence to make a mark. You can start with affordable nano-influencers and work your way up as you expand your reach.

Partnership Expectations 

people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytimeWhen you start looking for influencers, you’ll realize they fall into three categories. First, some influencers want full creative control. They generate the content and upload it without running it by you first. While this is authentic, you run the risk of the influencer going too far off-brand. That could hurt your overall campaign.

Then, some influencers don’t want to have any creative input. They want you to send the post and caption, and then they will share it. Because they aren’t part of the creative process, they don’t seem authentic when marketing products. Campaigns like this often turn out to be a bust. 

Finally, some influencers want to enter a true partnership. They want guidance regarding posts while also having the ability to infuse their own personalities into the campaigns. If you choose such an influencer, you won’t relinquish full control. However, the influencer can promote your products in an authentic voice. This is the best option when partnering with an influencer. 

Speak to the influencer you’re considering and find out what he or she wants out of an agreement. If your visions align, you can enter a partnership with confidence. You can guide the influencer while still benefiting from authenticity. 

Adherence to Rules 

Finally, make sure you partner with someone who understands and follows the rules that govern influencer marketing. Influencers have to include a disclosure when sharing sponsored posts. Some ignore the rules, and that can get your brand in trouble. Only choose influencers who understand and follow all the rules, so your campaign doesn’t get attention for the wrong reasons. 

Beginning an Instagram Marketing Campaign

Finding an influencer is the first step. You can then create a campaign and start enjoying the results. Depending on the influencer you choose, you might get immediate results, or they could be a bit slower. Don’t worry if the results are slow. You can accelerate the post’s engagement levels by buying Instagram likes. This will help your campaign take off and spread to others on Instagram.

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