Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels

Published on 14th of August 2022

When Instagram announced its new Reels feature in 2020, users quickly took notice. Reels allow users to create and share video clips that are 15-30 seconds in length. You can add music, effects, and more to these video clips and then share them to the Reels tab, Explore Feed, and Stories. Learn more about Instagram Reels, so you can begin using this feature.

Creating Instagram Reels 

Free photos of SmartphoneYou have three options for creating Reels on Instagram. You can click on the plus sign in the top right-hand corner of the home screen. Then, click on the Reels tab at the bottom of the screen. You also have the option of opening the Stories camera. You’ll find the Reels icon on the bottom menu. Finally, you can go directly to the Reels tab and click on the camera. 

Once you open Reels, you can choose the music you want to use for your video. You also have the option of adding original music to your Reels. Instagram will give you credit if you use your own music.

Next, choose the length of your video. The default is 15 seconds, but if you click on the time icon on the left of the screen, you can change it to 30 seconds. Keep in mind that once you start recording, you cannot change the time. Do some planning beforehand to ensure that you know how long to make your video. 

After you set the time for the video, you’ll be ready to choose the length of the clips. You just need to hit the stopwatch icon on the left side of the screen to select the clip length. You can also set a timer to give you time to prepare the shot. The timer will count down each time you hit record.  

You can also select effects to use for your video. Instagram allows you to choose different effects for each clip. 

Next, you’ll get to choose if you want to slow down or speed up some of your clips or audio. If you’re making slow-motion videos or having some trouble getting the music and video to sync properly, this can be helpful. 

After everything is set up, you’ll be ready to record. You have the option of adding videos that you’ve already uploaded to your gallery, recording a single video, or recording a series of clips. If you are adding clips, hit the record button again when you’ve finished with a clip. That will stop the recording. Then, you will need to hit the record button when you’re ready to film the next clip. 

When done recording the video, you can add additional effects. You can also choose the placement for the text and trim down the clips if needed.  

Once everything is perfect, hit the share button. Add a caption and hashtag to the Reel when you share it. You can even edit the thumbnail image to make it more appealing. 

Tips for Using Instagram Reels

Because Instagram Reels is so easy to use, you might feel compelled to dive right in and start sharing content. However, you need to have a strategy going in, so you can share engaging content that gets results for your brand. Follow some tips to help you develop a winning strategy for Instagram Reels. 

Understand the Reels Algorithm

Instagram users can access the Reels tab to find Reels from accounts they follow as well as accounts that they don’t. Instagram uses an algorithm to rank and order the Reels on the tab. Understanding the algorithm is an essential step in reaching more people with Reels.  

While Instagram hasn’t come right out and said what the algorithm is, the social network has provided some tips to help you get discovered on the tab. First, high-quality videos are more likely to be discovered. That content also needs to be free of watermarks and logos from other apps. Finally, interesting and funny content is more likely to receive a high ranking in the Reels tab. 

Be Real When Using Reels

Free photos of BlondeReels are the perfect opportunity to show the human side of your business. Authentic Reels tend to perform better. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress your Reels up with special effects. You definitely want your videos to be eye-popping, but don’t forget to be authentic. Showcase your personality when you create these videos, so you can boost your engagement levels and reach

Be Fun and Educational

Reels also provide a way for brands to share content that is fun and educational. Consider creating Reels that contain a list of tips for your audience. For example, if you are in the makeup niche, you could create a Reel that goes over five tips for using colorful eye shadows. 

Use Reels to Show Off Results

Reels are short and easy to digest. Also, because you can use clips, they give you the chance to show off transformations. You could create a video that contains before and after clips, so people can see the full results at the end. For instance, if you’re a stylist, you can show before and after videos of a recent makeover.  

person in black suit jacket holding white tablet computerInstagram Reels are similar to TikTok videos. Just like TikTok videos, Reels have trends that users follow. Keep track of the top trends and join in the fun when possible. This is yet another way to humanize your brand, and it will also help you increase your exposure.

Create Your First Reel Today

Today’s the perfect time to start planning your first Instagram Reel. Come up with a topic and then determine how long your video needs to be. Consider the music and effects, and start filming. If your video doesn’t get as much attention as you want, you can buy Instagram likes for it. Then, the likes will help you increase your reach, so your video will get lots of attention.

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