Wealth on Instagram: 6 Ways to Make Money on IG

Wealth on Instagram: 6 Ways to Make Money on IG

Published on 3rd of May 2021

Instagram began as a photo-sharing platform but has transformed into a commercial network today. Many people wish to have comfortable lives with good money to sustain them. The problem only arises on how to make such money and attain a comfortable lifestyle.

Instagram, like other social platforms, helps people connect all over the world. Reaching out to those whom you know and to others whom you've never met. So the primary aim is to help people develop social relationships.; hence, IG is a commercial social network.

Making money has been a steep mountain to climb, both to the young and old. We desire much but never know that you can change your life with the small gadget in your hand. (Hint: There is real wealth on Instagram.)

If you’re a complete newbie, you may be wondering how a social platform can generate money for you. Don't worry; today, we will unveil the secrets that you haven't known for long.

Creating an Instagram account

person holding black samsung android smartphoneBelow are the steps you need to follow when installing and creating an Instagram account:

Step 1: Download the app from the Android or iOS application store

Step 2: Tap Create a New Account (on iOS) or Sign Up with an Email or Phone Number (on Android)

Step 3: Enter your email or phone number and tap Next

Step 4:: Create your username and password

Step 5: Fill out the profile information

At this point, if you wish to set your account as a business account, you will proceed as explained below:

Step 6: Tap next to switch to a business account

  • Click the hamburger icon on your profile at the top right

  • Tap Settings, then Account

  • Click on Switch to Professional Account

  • Tap Business and follow the prompts

After following all the steps, you must’ve created an account that you can use for both business and personal matters.

Factors to consider in a business account

Setting up a business account on Instagram presents an array of features that you can't access with a personal account. These include insights, ads, shopping, primary and secondary messaging inboxes, and contact information besides a call-to-action button on your profile. Despite all these fantastic additions, you need to... 

The above factors show you how to establish a better platform to air your views and/or products. Your ability to make money is affirmed with a business account on Instagram. Well, just give it a try. And of course, you can still make money with a personal account and establish a stable ground with followers.

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How to make money on Instagram

Money-making is very possible on Instagram. While we can use different channels to generate wealth (like reporting to the office or scaling a business), doing so at the comfort of your seats marks the core of our discourse—knowing how to make money using your gadget at the comfort of your home/office. The methods below bears with them real affluence:

1. Reach, influence, and make money from sponsored posts

When businesses get exposure to your audience, they hope to make money by having your followers buy or recommend their products. It becomes so easy when your audience takes action on your recommendations. If you want to generate sales, though, you need strong persuasion skills.

Once you reach coveted influencer status, you can start using your Instagram page to promote all types of products. Brands always partner with influencers to do a sponsored post that spread the news of their products or services.

You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars through sponsored posts. Now, isn’t that interesting?

2. Sell other people's products by becoming an affiliate

Affiliate programs help you sell other people's products, and through it, you can secure some dollars. If you sell as an affiliate, the responsibility will only be to wait for the leading supplier to give or allocate you a product of sale, then you execute the duty by pushing it to your audience.

3. Sell poster photos and other virtual products

Products and photos get more sales on Instagram because it's all about visuals. You can refer readers to visit the link in your bio on every visual post.

4. Sell your products

Selling products that you have made yourself or bought from suppliers also generates money on Instagram. That’s a no brainer. Though it may be difficult to start, selling your own products creates a broader market for you as an individual.

5. Sell dropshipped products

You can use these products to run your store without holding any inventory. Once you have made a sale, the supplier ships the product from their warehouse to your customer's doorstep. Easy peasy.

6. Promote yourself on other channels

You can turn views into sales if you expand your content marketing. You may use a blog or even a YouTube channel to boost your ideas. Through other channels like these, you can link them straight to your Instagram product.

Choose a niche

Streamlining your target audience becomes so vital since it can be the way brands compare your audience with their target market. This means that you have to be more specific in your niche to catch more brands. You can get more followers, and many brands and followers can flock to your page when you sound so confident and specific about what you advocate.

Build trust and grow your audience

Commit to posting frequently and uploading content that your audience wants. All clients and customers need confidence on the part of the seller and the products they sell.

Making money on Instagram isn’t that hard

Earning from the platform becomes so easy when you put effort into updating your Instagram profile strategically and ensuring that you reach as many people as possible. Real wealth stays on Instagram; you have all the requirements and qualifications.

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