12 Tips to Become an Effective Social Media Influencer

12 Tips to Become an Effective Social Media Influencer

Published on 30th of July 2021

Interested in becoming a social media influencer? Although it may sound like such an easy career to dabble in, being an effective and successful social media influencer takes a lot of time and effort. 

To help you with your journey of becoming one of the top influencers in your generation, keep the tips below in mind. 

1. Conceptualize your Niche

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/522NdT2pY7MGu1MOVtypK8kHe_nPxGq6thaIIkZOLLIg662cfXsmMA5tBen6TAu1dCZDJL-x6if0j7xJOLCcytpy4BfVzk1GaRd5UnG1ZnoQdNy-9_DkLl-anF8mCGQwP1Ak7l1BBecoming an effective influencer starts with effectively identifying the exact niche that aligns with your image. To do that, you must first identify your strengths, passion, and experiences. 

When picking your niche, choose one that enables you to showcase your assets and develop your skills further. Some of the niche categories for social media influencing include:

  • Lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Food

  • Fashion

  • Beauty

  • Tech

  • Gaming

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

  • Fitness

  • Commentary

2. Identify your Target Consumers

Just like any other brand, social media influencers also have target audiences. In other words, you need to conduct an audience-targeting process to identify who your target audience is. 

Once you pick your niche, identifying your target audience will become a lot easier. For example, if your niche is gaming, do your research about the current statistics surrounding the industry of gaming. This can include several essential details such as your target audience’s age, gender, place of origin, interests, and so on. 

3. Choose your Social Media Platform

Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks FolderOnce you have identified your niche and your target audience, the next step is to choose your social media platform. Being on the right platform allows you to have a powerful online presence. 

Contrary to popular belief, picking the most popular social platforms is not always the way to success. Depending on your skills, niche, and target audience, a certain social media platform might be more efficient for your content type than others. It’s all about knowing your audience and cleverly identifying which social media platform they usually hang out in.

4. Create High-Quality Content

One of the most important keys to becoming a successful social media influencer is to produce top-quality content. Your content should deliver relevant, resourceful, and reliable information that your audience would benefit from. 

Moreover, make an effort to create interesting content that encourages your audience to share it with others. The vast majority of most successful influencers continually create content that exudes exceptional quality and relevance.

5. Know what Your Audience Wants

On the same note, it’s important to know what your target audience wants in order to know which type of content to create. Creating relevant and interesting content that is geared towards your audience’s needs allows your content to garner substantial traction.

To have an idea of the current relevant content types, you can use search platforms such as Google Search, Quora, Reddit, etc. These platforms will help you know what people are talking about and are currently interested in. 

6. Be Consistent

Producing top-quality content consistently is among the major keys to being a successful influencer. Doing this allows you to retain your target audience's attention. By producing great-quality content regularly, your audience will somehow anticipate seeing you around, and not getting consistent can easily break the momentum you worked so hard to build.

Consistency is also a potent way to boost your engagement and expand your reach online. Moreover, it is ideal that you have a specific timeline for publishing the content you have to promote predictability and organization. 

7. Interact with your Audience

An effective way to boost your social media page's engagement and reach is by communicating and interacting with your audience. Moreover, communicating with your audience online allows you to build rapport and create a solid community online. 

You can do this by replying to people's comments on your post or by responding to their private messages. Additionally, it is a good idea to interact with your fellow influencers online. 

8. Collaborate with Fellow Influencers

Collaborating with other influencers is a great way to build your followers especially if you are just starting out. Collaborating with influencers in the same niche who already have substantial followers will allow you to tap into their fan base and possibly attract them into joining your community as well. 

Most importantly, you need to have something to offer other influencers to persuade them to collaborate with you. 

9. Don't hesitate to Spend Money

Unrecognizable man holding wallet with moneyIf you want to become a successful influencer, you should be willing to spend money. Do not be hesitant to spend some cash to buy your way to success on social media. 

Spend the money to attract your target audiences online. For example, Facebook allows you to run a paid campaign to boost your page or content's reach and engagement. Doing so allows you to tap into a wider audience without making too much effort. The ads are targeted, so you have higher chances of attracting people who are already interested in your niche.

10. Host Giveaways and Contests

Running contests and giveaways is an effective method of attracting people to your social media page. People love rewards and free stuff; thus, you should take advantage of it by hosting contests to increase your following and reach. It's essentially a win-win for both parties. 

When hosting a contest or giveaway, you can use the technique of asking people to follow your social media page, leave a comment to your post and share your post or page on their timelines. Doing so is a great way to boost your Page's engagement and follower count. 

11. Do Live Streams Regularly

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/mxYb7bhrdmCYmAWgRTOOydVObCWYFazCVpGtuc3pQYSGAgy0yYXykLb4RmtMSICHLeMuXyWeERt0du2oUCivzEr_UZZYlITC_CW1ZCpGfjTDcwWpXHQAQ6hywCtsYhDS_cbUcBJoDoing frequent live streams is a great way to retain a personal connection online with your audience. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube enable users to run live streams and give real-time content to their audience. 

Going live also gives your audience a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes affairs. This is especially a great technique to use on special occasions such as a party or any event. 

12. Explore Various Ways to Make Money on Social Media

Lastly, in order to turn your social media influencing career into a living, you must explore the different ways to earn money through social media platforms. 

The most popular money-making medium online is through activating ads from ad-servers such as AdSense. YouTube and blogs are online platforms that allow you to run ads and earn revenue.  Other ways to make money on social media include affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, making appearances, and selling your services or products.


Being an effective social media influencer takes a lot of work and time. Thus, if you are truly eager to pursue this career and be successful in it, you must be willing to go through the nitty-gritty of social media influencing. Moreover, don't forget to take the tips above into consideration and have fun pursuing your heart’s truest desires.

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