How to Repurpose Existing Content for Instagram

How to Repurpose Existing Content for Instagram

Published on 14th of May 2021

Don't know what Content Repurposing is? Many Instagram marketers have probably heard of repurposing content. But what does it mean to repurpose content, and how can it help with your content marketing goals?

In this article, we'll explain what the term means and the best ways to achieve your goals through this technique.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing means that you can use your existing content to expand that content's reach by turning it into a new format.

Whether it's a blog post, social media post, infographics, or video content, you can apply some free online tools to repurpose your content effectively.

Why should Instagram marketers repurpose their existing content?

For one, it's the best strategy for businesses, marketers, and creators to take their possessions and reuse them somewhere else. The idea sounds simple enough, but it can get tricky in implementation. Your most popular posts are already hot topics for your followers.

Why not leverage that content to grow your Instagram engagement, reach a wider audience, and do it without spending the most of your time on the formation process.

green and yellow book beside white computer keyboardRepurposed content can also... 

  • Grab the attention of people who haven't yet heard of your business 

  • Improve your social presence and search ranking

  • Increase ROI for monetized websites or landing pages

  • Involve a new set of website traffic

  • Initiate fresh social engagement

And the idea is to find content your current followers already love and build upon it in a new creative way.

Top 7 ways to repurpose content

If you're planning to repurpose your content, you have the chance to redistribute existing posts, share new information, and bring added value to your users.

Start by checking the most popular posts and those without the potential to become old-fashioned (i.e., evergreen content) on your site.

Once you've selected your top 8 to 10 posts, try these practical techniques to drive more IG traffic and engagement with minimal effort.

1. Convert tweets into Instagram posts

Many influencers reuse their tweets to create Instagram Stories or main-feed posts. Repurposing your tweets on Instagram is an excellent way to engage your audience and bring more context to the message you're communicating. Whether it's your tweet, a customer's tweet, or any powerful tweet by some other account.

Still, make sure to create a clean and contextual image rather than a low-quality screenshot. You can try some free online tools that can automatically screenshot and crop your tweets for you.

2. Turn your blog posts into podcasts

Smiling African American female guest gesticulating while having interview with journalist sitting near micPeople nowadays prefer to listen and watch their favorite content instead of reading. Well, it's easier to digest.

So if you can find any ebook (or some other old content containing valuable or expandable info), it's a wonderful opportunity. You can turn it into one or more podcast episodes.

Thankfully, podcasts are quite accessible these days. They're openly available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Overcast. Again, to turn your blog posts into podcasts, you'll find tons of online tools.

Just bear in mind that the results of these tools will be of a lower quality than what you can generate by doing it yourself.

3. Turn your podcasts into blog posts

If you already make podcasts for your Instagram marketing, then there's another possibility for you. You can maximize your ROI by turning your audio content into blog posts. In this way, you can spread the content to more people than just your podcast audience.

person typing on laptop computerTurning your audio content into blog posts can also improve your ranking in the search engine, as search engines can't crawl your audio content.

For this purpose, you can use different online audio/video transcription tools.

4. Create infographics by using surveys and data

Smart IG marketers introduce surveys to gain more insights about their users, listening to their thoughts and opinions.

After conducting a study, you can choose some insights that you believe might be attention-grabbing to your followers and create an infographic (short and/or long).

Surveys act like hidden assets because you can make the insights visual with infographics. These are one of the most effective and most sharable formats to improve your brand awareness, social presence, and Instagram reach.

5. Throwback posts

What did you post a year or two years ago? Was the Instagram post popular? Just look back at statistics from posts to see what performed well in the past. The content might be equally interesting for your audience.

You can repost your old pictures, memories, and best moments on Instagram to compare reactions and boost stats by promoting popular posts in the past. 

6. Turn multiple blog posts into an ebook

black amazon e book readerIf your blog is filled with multiple posts that are still relevant and valuable, you can have them under one topic. Search for your top 7-10 blog posts and devise a structure to group them into an eBook.

The process for self-publishing an ebook is a bit long but not too difficult. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Choose the best blog post that would fit well together.

  • Copy and paste your posts into a Word file.

  • Remove all text links and coding elements.

  • Rewrite and edit as required to ensure each section flows logically into the next.

  • Format, proofread, and then publish (of course, combined with some marketing efforts).

7. Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest is one of those platforms that are tailor-made for more graphic and image-heavy content. Consider creating a Pinterest board by grouping alike categories of images or graphics that your brand has already posted on Instagram.

Try to be creative in this practice and play a little with the visual resources you have on hand. Upload pins of the best pictures of your brand, or even create a whole new board. These pins can drive referral traffic to your brand's website or Instagram page.

Despite the engagement opportunities, many Instagram marketers shun Pinterest as a top-targeted channel for increased leads, prospects, and sales. (Hint: Don't be one!)

More ways to repurpose content (outside Instagram)

  • Turn your blog posts into Quora Q&As

Quora is a platform for real users to ask questions, so it's a wonderful source of content inspiration on a vast range of categories or niches.

To increase your web traffic, you can find a question from Quora that sounds promising and related to your post, write a paragraph detailing an answer, and include a link to your more in-depth blog post.

This way, you get traffic to your website and you're representing yourself as a leader, engaging with community members.

  • Create memes

If you want to engage your audience entertainingly and increase likes and shares, memes are the key.

Just look for a blog post that isn't getting a lot of views. You can improve its visibility by re-spreading the word to your followers. The idea is to introduce some critical information in a fun and new way with the use of memes.

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