Embracing Mindful Social Media Habits on Instagram

Embracing Mindful Social Media Habits on Instagram

Published on 5th of March 2024

Just about everyone and their friends are on social media these days. Platforms like Instagram have become an integral part of daily life, to the point where people can’t remember how they got by without it.

However, the ability to scroll through feeds endlessly and sometimes mindlessly on Instagram is beginning to take a massive toll on mental health around the world. Therefore, content creators and consumers on Instagram must embrace mindful social media habits.

If you’ve allowed social media, including Instagram, to take over your life, take a step back and read the following tips:

Understanding the Impact of Social Media

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The impact of social media is two-fold. Instagram, like most other social media platforms, provides a way to connect with people globally. It also allows people to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away. Social media has become a go-to for recruitment and job opportunities, and it sometimes disseminates breaking news and information faster than traditional media channels.

But, despite all of these benefits, there are severe drawbacks to social media use. First of all, it can become addictive. It seems that the younger generation suffered the most from social media addiction in 2023. Some users feel anxious or even depressed when separated from devices that allow them to access their social media accounts.

Excessive use can also impact mental health and self-esteem. It is no secret that bullies use online anonymity to break down others by hurling insults and threats at them. Moreover, there is a fake news trend on social media that is proving nearly impossible to root out. This impacts public opinion negatively and can lead to broader consequences.

Being Mindful About Social Media Usage

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The negativity surrounding social media, including Instagram, can only be eliminated if everyone is mindful about their usage. And this can only happen if those affected negatively admit there is a problem. If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or other social media platforms compulsively without any real goal, it is time for a change.

Being aware of your social media habits can help you curb them. It can also help you cut down on your emotional responses to whatever information or comments you see on the screen. There are countless examples of online conflict that got out of hand because both parties decided to let their emotions take over. This type of conflict doesn’t only affect the people involved, but it can expand to involve families and friends.

To avoid a vicious cycle of online vitriol, and to help yourself focus on the reasons you use social media (connecting with loved ones or promoting a brand), you need to make conscious choices when using Instagram.

Choose When and How to Use Instagram

Your first conscious decision must be to remain intentional when using Instagram. Avoid the urge to scroll through your feed for lack of anything better to do. Set aside specific times to check and post content on Instagram, and don’t allow yourself to deviate from these times. This goes for content creators, influencers, and followers. It doesn’t matter why you use Instagram. What matters is the effect your Instagram usage has on your life.

To that effect, unfollow every account that has no purpose or makes you experience negative emotions. Again, this goes for everyone using Instagram. Sometimes, businesses have one or two followers who go out of their way to make life miserable for them. The same goes for influencers and people who use Instagram to highlight their hobbies and interests. There will always be followers or random commenters with something horrible to say. The best way to rid yourself of this negativity is to unfollow and block wherever necessary.

At the same time, start following accounts, brands, and influencers that inspire you. Choose to follow people who love life and thrive on building others up and motivating them. There is so much heartache and strife in the world as it is. The least we can all do is support one another on social media and leave the pointless negativity behind.

Take Regular Breaks

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Even when you’ve unfollowed several accounts and are actively looking for inspiring content creators to follow, you still need to take regular breaks from Instagram. There is no reason to scroll through your feed seventy times a day or leave your phone open on the app so you can see every movement on it. Take long enough breaks to focus on something else. Take a walk or go shopping with friends. Binge a good series with a loved one or try out a new recipe.

Even if you use Instagram for business, you must break away from the platform for a breather now and then. Use a content calendar and Instagram’s scheduling feature to ensure that your brand content is consistently posted. Employ a chatbot to answer simple questions. You don’t have to react to every activity on your feed. Use the technology available to you to stay connected to your followers without overdoing it on Instagram.

Use Instagram’s Privacy Settings

If you want to take an extended break from Instagram to clear your head and hopefully return with optimism and a whole new content strategy, use the platform’s privacy settings to change your account to private. This will control who can see or message you on the platform, and you can control who can like or comment on your content. You can turn your activity status on and off and even temporarily remove your bio to hide your information from the public.

These are extreme measures that should be taken when social media use has caused your mental health to deteriorate fast.

Become An Advocate for Mindful Social Media Habits

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When you’ve conquered the art of using Instagram mindfully, consider being an advocate for mindfulness on social media. Highlight the broader scope of social media to your followers and encourage them to use Instagram for good.

Embracing mindful habits on Instagram will help you and your followers navigate Instagram and other platforms in a way that enhances personal well-being and promotes a positive digital experience.

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