Using Facebook and Instagram Reels Like a Pro

Using Facebook and Instagram Reels Like a Pro

Published on 26th of September 2023

Instagram and Facebook launched Reels in 2020 and 2021. It's similar to TikTok, where you can upload seconds worth of video content. This is a feature that allows creators to make, edit and share short videos just like TikTokers.

This guide will provide you with information on this new feature and show you how to handle it like a professional.

How do you create Instagram Reels like a pro?

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Let's start with making video reels on Instagram - they're super easy to make and experiment with. You get to do it your way, allowing you to share unique videos. You can use your favorite type of effect on the audio and video of Reels, so you have all the entertainment you want.

The good news is that recording clips on Instagram just got even easier! We’re here to show you how to use this new feature and generate high-quality video content. Below is a step-by-step approach on how to create unique Instagram Reels like an expert.

Step 1: To produce Instagram Reels, make sure your app is updated to the most recent version. After completing the update process, you'll be able to create a reel.

Step 2: Now make a swipe from left to right, from those words below your screen. You are on the Reels camera now. The button appears after the story and live buttons on your screen.

Step 3: Once the Reels Camera is ready, locate the Effects icon. Don’t worry about finding it because it should be on the left side of your screen. Once you find it, click on it.

Step 4: The next step is where you can create the content and use editing tools to help you in your process. Go to the "Capture" button at the bottom of your screen and then take a swipe from left to right. You can then select from a range of tools that will allow you to edit the clip in your own way.

Step 5: What makes your video stand out is the creativity you put into both the filming and editing. You will notice the time indicator on your screen while you record. When you record a video, you can take two approaches. You can either shoot a video then and there with the Reels camera, or upload an already-existing video from your gallery.

Step 6: Now that you have created your Reels, you have several options on what you can do with the clips. You can share it with followers on your Instagram story OR send it to any user in a direct message. To make it reach a wider audience, include elements that invite those who are not your followers from the Explore page.

How do you handle Facebook Reels like an expert?

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You’ve used this guide to learn about Reels on Instagram. However, you should also know that things are a bit different with Reels for Facebook.

While they share a lot in common, there are notable differences and additional features. These include banners, filters, and audio/visual effects that can be added before or after recording.

In this guide, you will learn how you can make your Reels on Facebook. Let’s explore this Facebook feature together, with the steps detailed below.

Step 1: You simply need to have an updated Facebook app. Once you update it, you can then log in.

Step 2: Now that you're logged into the app, you can tap Effects on the side of your screen where your news feed is. All your creative instruments are there; as long as you pass this step.

Step 3: Tap on the Effects circle to apply it. You can find it at the bottom of your screen. If you locate your camera icon, swipe from left to right. You'll see the icon for the Facebook Reels camera. Once you press it, you'll see what your clips will look like when you add an effect - it's overlaid on top of the capture icon.

Step 4: When you go to make a video, you might not be sure which effect will look the best. So, start recording the video by tapping the capture button and then choose an effect to experiment with. You'll be able to add effects to your Reels before or after you're done!

(If you want to add effects to your Facebook Reels after recording it, go to the right side of the editing screen and tap on Effects. You're all set and you can also preview in case there's anything else needed before publishing.)

Step 5: Once you've finished recording your videos, you can start to use them. You have all sorts of options on Facebook. Your friends will be able to view them on their newsfeed, or you can share them with others to leave their opinion or like it. Reels will also show up in groups you belong to. You can do anything with your Reels, and they can progress to an audience you never thought possible—just make sure they’re entertaining and unique.


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Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, people have been encouraged to explore their creativity. The only thing you have to worry about when making these clips is your creative limits.

Don't let the fear of using free (or paid) services dissuade you from creating unique content for social media. Know that there are many great resources available to help make your job easier.

Remember: Do not limit yourself!

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