The Future of Instagram Reels: 9 Bold Predictions

The Future of Instagram Reels: 9 Bold Predictions

Published on 12th of January 2024

Instagram launched Reels in 2021, and the video feature has already gone through some significant changes. For instance, users could only upload 15-second videos at first, but now, Reels can be up to 60 seconds in length. While that change is in the rearview mirror, you can expect some new updates in the future. What will those updates be, though? Check out some bold predictions about what’s next for Reels.

1. The Algorithm Will Start to Mirror TikTok’s

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Instagram remains tight-lipped about its Reels algorithm, apart from stating that it deprioritizes low-quality content and videos repurposed from other apps. While that makes sense, it’s clear that the algorithm needs some work when choosing which content to show to users. TikTok seems to have cornered the market on showing relevant content, but Instagram will likely catch up soon. Thus, expect some major changes to its algorithm soon. You’ll want to stay on top of those changes so people can discover your Reels.

2. Engagement Will Continue to be a Priority

Even if it changes its algorithm, expect it to continue to put an emphasis on engagement. Engagement metrics are proof that content is popular and well-received. Thus, you can beat the algorithm and get your videos in front of more people by focusing on engagement.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big following of engaged users yet, though. You can buy likes for your Reels to reach the engagement levels necessary to expand your reach. Buying Reels likes will also provide social proof to other users. When they come across your video with tons of likes, they’re more likely to stop what they’re doing and watch.

3. Reels Will Come Into Their Own

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Because Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok, the two share quite a bit in common. However, expect Instagram to forge its path with Reels in the future. It’s already happening, with trends taking center stage on Reels while original content is more popular on TikTok. More changes are likely coming up, so don’t be surprised if you start thinking of them as two entirely different experiences. When that happens, you’ll need to develop separate TikTok and Reels strategies to get the best results.

4. Instagram Will Go All-in With Reels

Instagram has been pushing Reels hard since it became available, and that’s unlikely to stop anytime soon. In fact, many insiders think that Instagram will switch things up, so Reels are the first things users see when logging into the app. Thus, Reels might become your new home screen. That’ll be a big change, but you can embrace it by doubling down on video. However, don’t make the mistake of forgoing the other types of content. You need a nice mixture of content, even if you emphasize Reels.

5. Reels Shopping Is Going to Take Off

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Right now, Instagram allows users to tag products in Reels. First, you need to set up Instagram Shopping if you want to tag your products. If you don’t sell products, Reels is open for affiliate marketers who want to tag products from other merchants.

Product tagging is an important first step, but don’t expect Instagram to stop there. Many people expect Instagram to add more shopping features to Reels to make it a seamless experience for users. For instance, keep your eyes peeled for Reels stickers that allow people to shop inside the videos. This is just one prediction for the future of shopping on Reels, but other changes are likely on the horizon as well.

6. Instagram Will Improve the Editing Features

Right now, TikTok reigns supreme when it comes to editing features, but Instagram is poised to close the gap soon. Thus, expect the social network to get serious by adding new editing features to make Reels more attractive. Rumor has it that Instagram has been testing a new feature that will let users edit videos to musical beats, allowing people to create professional-looking and sounding videos. If it adds this and other features, Reels might overtake TikTok.

7. New Interactive Filters Are on the Way

There’s also a big gap between Instagram and TikTok regarding filters. Right now, TikTok has the edge, but Instagram will likely add some new interactive filters into the mix soon. Expect features that make it easier to add transitions and color correct your video footage. Also, many think Instagram will allow users to edit individual clips when creating Reels in the near future.

8. It’ll Be Easier to Make Money on Reels

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You might have heard that Instagram started a Reels Play bonus program to help creators earn money. Unfortunately, the program is only open to a select few, leaving others trying to figure out how to make money. However, Instagram is likely to open up the program to more users while offering additional incentives. If you want to monetize your Instagram account, stay up-to-date on ways you can make money with Reels. Instagram could announce the next option shortly.

9. Influencer Marketing Reaches the Next Level

Influencer marketing is already a big deal on Instagram and Reels. However, it might just be getting started. It’s not too much of a reach to expect people to put more into influencer marketing as Reels grows in popularity. If you’ve yet to try your hand at this, consider giving it a go. You can increase reach, engagement, and sales with the right influencer marketing campaign.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Reels Updates and Changes

It’s impossible to know for sure what Instagram has in store for Reels, but one thing is certain. Changes are coming. Instagram has made it known that it wants to get even more out of Reels, and it’ll have to update it to make that happen. Thus, stay on top of updates that will help you improve your marketing strategy. Then you’ll set yourself up for success on Reels and the rest of Instagram.

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