Social Listening Can Boost Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

Social Listening Can Boost Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

Published on 29th of January 2023

Companies and individuals use different social listening tools to monitor their online presence, improve their marketing efforts, build a better brand, and collect more leads.

This article will talk about how to leverage social listening for your brand's lead generation and brand awareness—employing content-based searches, sentiment analysis, and competitive intelligence to make your campaigns more successful.

But first, what is social listening?

brown rabbit standing on green grass fieldIncreasing social media conversations around your brand is becoming increasingly important, especially as consumers are using the Internet to express their thoughts about brands, products, and industries.

Social listening is simply the act of monitoring what people are saying about any of those three—a brand, a product, or an industry.

As social media grows, marketers are finding new ways to use the information gathered from diverse platforms.

More brands are fusing social listening into their marketing strategy today, allowing them to collect and analyze data from the hottest social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Tip #1: Treat social media listening as a specific business project.

person writing on white paperMany businesses seek to increase their lead generation from social media, but how many can do it regularly?

If you're unsure whether your business is on the right side of this issue, consider investing more time in social media listening.

Brands must see it as a serious project with measurable influence on your leads and other essential sales-based indicators. That's how you make social listening an advantage in your strategy.

Unfortunately, many social media handlers think listening is simply collecting comments and responding to them.

But a good customer listening program is more than that, and productively managing one can not just bring in more new customers but also solve your next crisis.

Treating social listening as a project begins with developing a well-constructed procedure handled by one or more specialists. There could be a head who assigns individuals to each request and responds to each interaction.

Keep in mind, valuable social media conversations can arrive in various forms. That’s why you may need an expert; not that you can’t do this yourself as a brand owner, it just takes some skill, time, and effort.

But trust us, social listening is absolutely worth the dedication.

Tip #2: Have some fantastic offers to impress potential patrons.

gold and silver gift boxIdentifying what interests buyers in your brand or its products/services is the first step toward achieving the practical aim of getting more leads, sales, and not just customers but patrons.

You can do this directly by tracking keywords related to your brand or product and finding users who mention the phrases or words on social media. You can now make offers for people who expressed interest in your business offering.

To add, marketers should know when consumers are in need and when they're in a buying mood. Consumers often feel shocked and anxious when brands don’t follow this simple concept.

The idea is to provide help when they need it and offer incentives or discounts when they want to buy. This is how you get the most from your brand presence on social media.

Keep in mind that these two emotions in a consumer are critical for both first-time and repeat purchases, establishing the needed communication stage.

Because it’s on social media, the interaction may spill into additional product mentions, brand awareness, and eventual lead generation.

For starters, the prospects' followers—and even non-followers sometimes—have access to the discussions online.

Tip #3: Keep an eye on your competitors’ unsatisfied customers.

brown and white ceramic dog figurineAs a company, monitoring digital conversations might help you keep your eyes on the state of things.

Attentiveness is critical, and finding out your rivals' at-risk consumers can be the most valuable source of leads because dissatisfied clients will always exist.

For this to work, brands must maintain an eye on their competitors' social media channels. Look for negative keywords that suggest dissatisfaction, such as "bad/poor service," "problem," "fraudulent," or "issue." The larger your competitor is, the more unhappy customers they have.

So, to acquire great power and influence since your competitors are the big guns in your field, do your brand a favor and build up enormous clout from their unhappy customers. Attract them to your side by offering something better, faster, or cheaper.

Tip #4: Find prospects that are looking for you.

woman using gray binocularsThe Internet is an excellent place for finding companies and services and saving time and effort by using more than one source.

Many online searches demand recommendations for a great brand or service provider in various industries. People also use it to find suggestions on products outside of their knowledge which they may not have seen before.

Sadly, many brands fail to leverage this. And it's particularly terrible because the "looking for you" aspect of the subject implies an interest in your brand. These sorts of consumers are prepared to pay the most for your items or services.

However, in customer contact, a brand should exercise extreme caution. You break the ice with exciting inquiries such as "what are your preferences?"

And similar to the preceding point, searching for people who want alternatives to your rivals is another excellent approach to discover customers interested in you. All you have to do is look out for keywords like “alternative” attached to your rivals’ brand or product name.

A clear strategy for leading potential customers to your business will help you make the most of your time and efforts.

You should take the approach of using lead-generating links into account in this plan. Users clicking your links aids lead generation and site ranking improvement.

And to use the best links for marketing campaigns, marketers may monitor some of the most viral hashtags relating to the brand in question, as well as the competitors’.

Brands use analytics to identify which links perform well and determine whether the connections result in leads, tying each link to specific stats.

There are several techniques for monitoring links; do look into that.

Tip #6: Partner with micro-influencers.

two people shaking handsMicro-influencers are booming on social media. Despite their smaller base of followers, they have a higher level of influence on potential patrons—making them highly beneficial to your marketing campaign.

While the marketing trend of micro-influencing is becoming more popularized, the fascinating element about it is that anyone can become a micro-influencer.

The influence spreads once a person develops credibility organically and shows some approving authority in a specific area.

These experts are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and developments in their industries. They're continually updating themselves with new knowledge, materials, and brands to be aware of.

Their meal is to be up-to-date with the newest, most significant, and most underrated products/services of their chosen industry from time to time.

Micro-influencers have a lot of power over their fields because they not only understand the products and services but have first-hand experience with them.

This means that this class of influencers is excellent for growing your leads, interactions, as well as brand awareness and loyalty.

Final thoughts

Social listening is a highly efficient approach that allows companies to identify what people are saying about them and reach out to these users.

As long as your brand needs more customers, social listening is the best tool in identifying relevant discussions to join. You can now take this method right up to the highest level of brand awareness, lead generation, and of course, sales.


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