What You Need to Know About Instagram's New Remix Features

What You Need to Know About Instagram's New Remix Features

Published on 23rd of November 2023

Instagram's Remix feature has a close resemblance to TikTok's Duets. But thanks to recent updates, the Remix tool holds many more creative possibilities that set it apart from its competitor. It's not just reels and videos anymore--you can add public photos to the mix, too.

According to Instagram, the Remix tool was a big hit among Reels users, so it made sense to expand the feature. Now, creators have more ways to highlight each other's work, collaborate, and interact. While the updates to the Remix tool can inspire more creativity, users with public content should be ready to have their content repurposed.

To help you navigate the Remix tool, here's a guide that covers how the feature works and how you can use it to your brand’s or business' advantage.

What Are the New Remix Features?

Previously, the Remix tool only supported Reels and videos. Instagram decided to expand the support to photos because they're essential to the Instagram experience. Here are all the new Remix features you can explore on the platform:

  • You Can Remix Photos

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    If you miss the good old days when photos were the main attraction on Instagram, you'll like this update. You can now remix reels and videos with photos and static memes. By default, old photos aren't accessible for remixing, but you can change the settings on each post.

  • There Are More Remix Layouts to Choose From

    With the addition of several Remix layouts, you can experiment with more types of content. You can now split your screen vertically and horizontally. There's also a picture-in-picture option, so you can provide a commentary on an existing video. There's even a green screen feature if you want a different background.

  • You Can Add a Clip After a Reel

    Creators usually use the Remix tool to put two videos side by side, playing them simultaneously. But now, you can place a clip at the end of a video, so they play one after the other. It's useful when you want to showcase a quick response or opinion on something.

  • You Can Record Dual Content

    The Dual feature allows you to use your front and back cameras at the same time. That way, you can record your reaction as something is happening in real-time. It's also a neat way to offer two perspectives.

  • You Can Use Templates to Create New Content

    Making content from scratch can be daunting for beginners. Fortunately, you can use templates to help you create new content. These templates come with preloaded audio and clips, which you can use as a guide when inserting photos and videos.

  • New Videos Will Become Reels

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    If a new video is less than 15 minutes, Instagram will share it as a Reel. That way, it can get more exposure on the platform and be edited with the new creative tools. Past videos uploaded before the update will not automatically become Reels.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Remix Tool?

Instagram's Remix tool may seem like just another update, but it opens the platform to various creative opportunities. Here are some ways your content can benefit from the feature:

  • It's Easier to Repurpose Content

    When you're out of ideas, the Remix tool lets you create fresh content by repurposing old videos. There are numerous formats to explore, including reaction videos, behind-the-scenes, and before-and-after videos. Consistency is crucial when you're a creator, and the Remix feature can help you stay on track.

  • There Are Higher Chances of Going Viral

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    The whole point of the Remix feature is for users on the platform to collaborate on one another's posts. Because of the tool's nature, videos gain more exposure and have a higher chance of going viral. Every time someone remixes your video, their followers will see your content on their feeds and can also use your video. If your content goes viral, your follower count can skyrocket, too.

  • The Instagram Algorithm Is on Your Side

    One of the best things about the Remix feature is that the Instagram algorithm favors it. The platform likes to boost content made with the latest features to get others to use them. Because the Remix tool is the newest addition to Instagram, it's a great time to take advantage of it and boost your audience engagement.

Remix Ideas That Brands and Businesses Can Use to Boost Engagement

There are various ways that businesses on Instagram can use the Remix tool to their advantage. The platform provides access to many resources, allowing brands to collaborate with their customers, viewers, and other businesses. Here are some ways you can use the Remix feature to boost engagement:

  • Viewer Reaction Videos

    When Instagram users post their genuine reactions to a product, it creates buzz and gets others interested in it. With the help of influencers and the Remix tool, you can create viewer reaction reels to get your product or service out there. To start, you need to post a demo video of what it is you're selling. You can then partner up with influencers and ask them to remix your video and post their reaction alongside it.

  • Customer Review Videos

    Testimonials are an effective way to increase your brand's trustworthiness. When a customer avails of your products or services, you can encourage them to remix your marketing reel with their review video. Content like this will go much further than a written testimonial. It can also inspire other customers to do the same. As a bonus, the original video will also get a boost.

  • Reaction Videos to Competitor's Content

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    You can use the Remix feature to create some healthy competition. If a competitor brand posts about a product or service, you can remix their video with one of your own. You can show how your offerings compare to theirs and how yours are better. There's no need to be mean about it, though. It's best to stay professional and keep things light and informative.

The Bottom Line

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, making it a challenge for anyone to keep up. However, Instagram's Remix feature is worth learning about and incorporating into your marketing strategy. It's a robust tool that lets businesses be creative and engage potential customers.

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