How Can You Use Instagram for Effective Branding?

How Can You Use Instagram for Effective Branding?

Published on 16th of June 2022

If you're looking to put together a branded and cohesive online presence that your fans will love, then your Instagram branding needs to prioritize.

Establishing your Instagram brand can better guide your content creation strategy and encourage you to build a more beautiful Instagram feed.

Let's learn more about why effective branding is vital in social media platforms such as Instagram and how you can guarantee your profile has a solid look and feel.

Why is effective branding important for Instagram?

Don't you know about the importance of effective Instagram branding yet? No worries.

Let's walk you into a few of the significant benefits of Instagram branding and why you need to plan a stunning and cohesive online presence.

1. Helps build trust

two person shaking hands near white painted wallWhen you invent a professionally designed and curated Instagram feed that comes in line with your brand voice and design guidelines, you win more trust from your followers.

When you put solid thought into the content, you share, and the way it looks and feels matches your website and other social media platforms, your audience can understand.

They appreciate this consistency and the truth that they can recognize your brand through your content.

2. Creates brand recognition

Keep your Instagram branding on point with your company's overall brand; your audience can identify your content across multiple social media platforms.

Applying a consistent color and font scheme in your branded graphics is one distinctive way to help your audience immediately tell if a post is coming from your business.

3. Generates traffic

While Instagram is unexpected for only enabling users to send traffic to a particular link in their bio, you can still take advantage of that.

It would be best if you regularly switch up where that link directs your audience, whether it's a landing page or a new blog post you want to promote. You can even generate branded links using software such as Bitly or Rebrandly.

How to brand your Instagram?

Now that you understand why this can be such an effective tool to use for your Instagram presence let's dive into some more tips on strategy.

How can you strengthen your Instagram brand? It all depends on your brand voice, content types, the look and feel of your feed, and similar concepts that shape a brand.

1. Basics of Instagram profile branding

You should be considering several things when it comes to social media branding – the first being that your cover photo and logo should be the same across the board to assist with instant brand recognition.

When it comes to an Instagram profile, it may seem like you don't have many profile details to customize except for the content you upload to your feed and your stories.

However, there are a few elements you still need to brand, like your username, bio, profile photo, and your Instagram story highlights.

2. Design content with a similar look

The best way to begin your Instagram branding strategy is by looking at the content you're planning. Decide the most suitable plan for ensuring your content has a related look and feel across the board.

You can do this in several different ways, such as using the color blocking technique in your feed, where you can focus on a single color for multiple photos before moving on to the next. 

Other ideas include:

  • Apply a rainbow of ombré look throughout your Instagram feed.

  • Design a pattern with graphics and photos throughout your feed.

  • Set together with a grid where your images have parts that overlap.

  • Stick with a particular focus color for all of your content.

  • Find a filter or a photo edit effect you want and use it for all images.

Decide the content type that delivers the most sense for your brand and start producing content around it to see if it works with your audience.

3. Pinpoint your brand tone and voice

Identify your brand's personality, nature of captions, and how you respond to your fans when they leave comments or send messages?

One exceptional example of a set brand voice is Frank Body

Frank Body is famous for its first-person brand voice. The product speaks for itself and has achieved a name for this unique strategy in the branding and marketing community.

Suppose your brand voice might not be quite this strong, but you also do need to decide what level of personality, slang, humor, and other qualities you might allow in.

Maybe your brand requires a more professional tone like "helpful, friendly, and educational" that connects best with your audience.

Either way, make sure to put together your brand voice on paper so that anyone managing your brand's online presence understands how to handle it.

4. Post regularly and consistently

While you don't need to go overboard and flood your followers' Instagram feed with new posts all day long, you want to keep consistency so that you always show up in your followers' feeds and proceed to engage with your content.

It's an excellent plan to post about once a day to your Instagram account, and you can readily use a tool like Sprout Social to guide you to find the optimal times to share your content.

You can also improve your feed content with Instagram Stories that match the brand look and feel you've decided to help further drive interest in your feed and keep your brand top of mind.

5. Create Instagram branding instructions for your team

Free photos of Video conferenceThe essential advice to ensure that your Instagram stays on brand is to put together a social media style guide for your marketing teams and business.

This is where you can shape up your brand voice, graphic suggestions, color schemes, font pairs and guidelines, and so much more.

Brand instructions are essential when operating with a team and still having your online presence branded and cohesive.

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