The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Published on 22nd of December 2023

Many people are familiar with using Instagram for their personal accounts, but launching a business or brand requires an entirely new approach. You’ll discover that many features of the app that weren’t relevant before can now be used to leverage your brand.

If you think Instagram isn’t very useful as a marketing tool, then you’re missing out on an essential resource. Currently, Instagram has well over two billion users who are active at least monthly. Instagram also became the most downloaded app in the last quarter of 2021.

Transitioning towards more than just personal accounts is key to sustainable brand-building. Still, many people aren’t aware of how much they can actually do with the different types of accounts available on Instagram.

Let’s get back to the basics and check out our beginner’s guide to Instagram marketing.

Create Your Instagram Account

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Brands can take advantage of two account options with Instagram: Business and Creator accounts.

  • What Does a Business Account Offer?

    Business accounts allow you to boost your posts like ads, and you can even run your ads on Facebook. In addition, you can connect third-party apps that help you craft and schedule posts. One powerful tool to explore immediately is the Instagram Creator Tool, which enables you to see and analyze how your posts are performing. Instagram Creator Tool is a desktop app that also allows you to schedule posts.

    Other important features to maximize are the Contact Button and the ability to tag products you sell in your posts. As people view your posts, they can click on the tag, and Instagram will direct them to your Instagram Shop. Finally, take the time to create quick replies that you can use for your Business Account’s most frequently asked questions. Remember that time is valuable, and these tools will help you make the most of your time.

  • What Does a Creator Account Offer?

    Initially, the Business and Creator Accounts had so many differences. Now, these accounts share many of the same features with only a few key exceptions.

    Unlike the Business Account, Creator Accounts have much broader access to music, which can drive post engagement. Additionally, Creator Accounts show follow and unfollow metrics on a daily basis versus the weekly breakdown for the Business account. As a result, Creators can respond immediately to fluctuations in viewers and followers. Creator Accounts can now utilize Instagram Shops, and when it comes to most of the key business tools, both types of accounts deliver.

    However, Creator Accounts do have limits. For example, you won’t be able to work with third-party apps. If you use Call to Action Buttons, you’ll have fewer choices. A factor that drives people to choose Creator Accounts is the wider variety of music, which can help brands appeal to younger audiences.

Understand Algorithm Basics

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To get a handle on Instagram’s algorithm, you’ll need to figure out who your audience currently is, who you’re trying to reach, and what your competitors are doing successfully. And while there’s no silver bullet that will help you beat the algorithms, knowing how they work can improve your chances of getting seen by your target audience.

For example, look at your post engagements to determine when people will most likely interact with your posts. Additionally, posting regularly will also up your chances for engagement. You can work smarter, not harder, by creating content ahead of time. Use your Business Tools or a third-party app to craft your content and schedule posting at the best times of the day. This method frees you up to focus on other important tasks and achieve work-life balance.

Forge connections with your followers. Not only should you engage with them within your own posts, but schedule some time to comment and interact with other people’s posts. Instagram will take notice, and it can help you be more relevant in more people’s feeds.

Your Business Account

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If you’re just beginning your business journey, you’ll need to create a Facebook Business page. Use your brand name, and select your business category. In addition, use a profile picture that suits your brand aesthetic. Remember, your profile is a valuable tool in and of itself. Pay special attention to how you craft the following:

  • Bio: This area should tell your audience who you are and what you do. Since you have limited space, it’s vital to craft an impactful bio. You can also include a few key hashtags.

  • Branded Hashtag: If you don’t have a branded hashtag yet, consider creating one. As awareness of your brand grows, this hashtag will be a way to direct interested people to you. It also provides a better way to track post engagement.

  • A Logo or Iconic Profile Picture: Some businesses use a dynamic photo, while others use their brand logo as their profile picture.

  • Pinned Stories: You can pin your created Stories that include tagged products, demo videos, or useful links for new followers to browse through when they discover your profile.

  • Bio Link: Maximize your Bio link by creating a landing page or using a link management platform like Bitly.

  • Call to Action: If you’ve chosen to use Instagram Shop, make sure you’ve included a Call to Action that makes followers more involved in your brand.

Actively Manage Your Account for Success

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Your marketing strategies should never be static, and your account should reflect that movement. While you can have some constants like your logo, branded hashtag, and aesthetic, you also need to be active in managing your account.

For example, update your Call to Action or bio link if you’re running a campaign or promotion. Add a hashtag for a new product launch, and pin new Stories. Your followers will be engaged as they see new things even as they return for something familiar.

Cultivating your Instagram account to include both constant and new elements will show your audience that your brand is active and relevant but also trustworthy and reliable. Finally, experiment with the tools. You can try both the Business and Creator account options and test how other tools drive engagement. Take note of what works best for you, and stick to reliable strategies as you go.

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