The Top 6 Instagram Earners and How They Got to the Top

The Top 6 Instagram Earners and How They Got to the Top

Published on 31st of May 2024

While most people join Instagram to share photos and videos and watch other people’s content, many have found ways to monetize their content and make some serious money.

Many of the top earners on Instagram are well-known celebrity actors, sports figures, and TV stars. However, you can still take notes on their techniques that help them get consistent post engagement. Although celebrities bring a lot of cache with them onto social media, there are still certain things they do that get their followers interested in their content and engaged with their accounts.

Let’s look at the current highest earners on Instagram and some of the things they did to get to the top.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The 37-year-old Ronaldo is widely regarded as one of the most talented soccer players of all time. Yet he makes a significant amount of money off the field. In fact, Ronaldo collects as much as $1,604,000 per sponsored post. With 461 million followers and counting, the Portuguese forward is known for well-crafted sponsored posts that showcase finely-edited photos and videos. Analysts have estimated that Ronaldo now makes more from Instagram sponsorships than from his salary with Juventus.

For several reasons, Cristiano Ronaldo has easily commanded higher amounts for his sponsored posts. His professionally-produced content is attractive and ties his personal brand and style in with the product. In addition, the captions feature simple yet clever statements.

And he has consistently high engagement rates when it comes to his content, earning millions of Likes per post. In between sponsored posts, he keeps fans interested and active by revealing personal moments and glimpses of his life.

2. Dwayne Johnson

The highest-paid actor in 2020 is also currently the second-highest-paid Instagrammer, raking in over $1,523,000 per sponsored post currently—nearly as much as Cristiano Ronaldo. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has 325 million followers so far in 2022. The Rock held the top earnings position on Instagram until recently, when Ronaldo managed to pass him.

Like Ronaldo, The Rock can command top dollar for sponsorships because he has a highly engaged and responsive following. But that doesn’t just happen because of his celebrity—he is known for posting authentic, funny, or interesting content that people respond to. In addition, he posts consistently and often, so fans see his posts regularly.

3. Ariana Grande

Following closely behind The Rock, Ariana Grande can earn up to $1,510,000 per sponsored post. And with 319 million followers and counting, big sponsors are more than willing to pay for Ariana’s reach. And while many artists and celebrities focus on one or two social media platforms, Ariana has a massive following on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

One secret to success that most celebrities have hacked is working with sponsors that offer relatable products. For example, Ariana Grande has done sponsored content for Ulta Beauty. Her followers know her for her flawless makeup, so this partnership was a natural choice.

4. Kylie Jenner

Despite having more followers than Ariana Grande and The Rock with 354 million, Kylie holds the number four spot in Instagram earnings in 2022. However, each sponsored post earns the makeup mogul $1,494,000, so she’s still making plenty of money. The Jenner and Kardashian families are well-known for monetizing nearly every aspect of their lives and delivering consistent, carefully-edited content to their followers.

Jenner offers flawless looks and has a lot of experience producing content that followers love to engage with, helping her earn a lot from sponsors. However, many of her posts focus on selling and showcasing her own products, including exclusive colors and limited edition runs.

5. Selena Gomez

If there’s one thing Selena Gomez knows, it’s how it feels to constantly be in the public eye. A star since she was little, Gomez has a devoted following of over 331 million on Instagram. As a result, she can earn up to $1,468,000 per sponsored post, just behind Kylie Jenner. But lifelong stardom isn’t the only reason why Selena can make so much per year on Instagram.

There are many different kinds of collaborations on social media, but Selena is known for fun and exciting collabs with other artists and celebrity friends. Other analysts note that Selena appeals to fans around the globe because she is Latina and has released music in both English and Spanish. Instagram continues to attract users internationally, and celebrities that have followings outside of the US often reap the benefits of the growing pool of global users.

6. Kim Kardashian

The older sister of Kylie Jenner, Kim has come a long way from styling and hanging out with Paris Hilton. In fact, Kim has worked hard over the years to create a solid personal brand and celebrity and knows how to turn out polished, appealing content. With over 321 million Instagram followers, Kim easily makes $1,419,000 per sponsored post.

Kim’s secret to Instagram success is really not a secret at all. Literally—many of her posts feature very little clothing. The mother, businesswoman, and model knows the kind of content that her followers come to see, and she delivers. However, it’s not all peach emojis and wet hair looks. Between her sponsored posts and over-the-shoulder look-backs, Kim also does Lives with her children and ensures fresh content daily.

The Instagram Top Six Takeaway

While celebrity certainly plays a huge role in how the top six earners pull in millions of dollars in sponsored posts, their tactics are things that all brands and businesses can duplicate. Some of these tactics include consistency, staying on brand, and professionalism. Even if these celebrities aren’t actively producing content in their fields, they’re active on Instagram at least several times a week.

The most successful people on Instagram also stick with content that fits their style and vibe, whether sponsored or not. Most of the content that fans get from the top earners is also professionally created or edited.

Moreover, the top Instagram stars find ways to inject a personal touch into their accounts. From Kim’s Lives featuring her unpredictable kids to Cristiano Ronaldo’s photos featuring his personal life, the highest-earning Instagrammers make sure to show their fans some of their more intimate moments.

Consider incorporating some of these points into your own brand on Instagram and see how it affects your audience and engagement.

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