How To Become Instagram Famous Fast and Free

How To Become Instagram Famous Fast and Free

Published on 16th of May 2018

Instagram fame is a highly sought after entity. With over 800 million users on the platform, the chance to create a career and monetize off of the social network is larger than ever. Successful influencers are capitalizing on marketing strategies that have been used for years, prior to Instagram’s launch, to grow their following and their bank accounts.



How have these influencers rose to stardom and turned into millionaires of off a free social app?



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By following these five steps on how to become Instagram famous fast and free!


Step One: Choose Your Niche


Becoming Instagram famous is a marketing strategy. The first step in any marketing strategy is to follow the golden rule: choose a niche. An example of niches include travel, vegan food, fashion or tech. Defining your niche is the most crucial step of becoming a powerful influencer because this is going to pivot the direction of the following steps to Instagram stardom.


Jackson Groves is a travel influencer with over 250,000 followers. He has stuck tightly to the golden rule and curates only travel related content for his followers. His profile is a gallery of epic travel photos designed for travelers interested in photography. By specifying this niche, he is able to sell Adobe Lightroom Presets to his followers who are an engaged band of aspiring travel photographers.




Step Two: Choose Your Value Point


Where most aspiring influencers fail is in not realizing that they need a value point. Users are going to follow you for a reason, what is it? This value point is going to be dependent on your niche and varies across different industries. For example,


A fashion influencer’s value point is in showing outfits that provide inspiration to her followers.
A travel influencer’s value point is in highlighting specific places around the world for followers to visit.
A vegan food account’s value point is in giving away free recipes and food inspiration in each of their captions.
A tech influencer’s value point is in showcasing the newest tech accessories and talking about relevant tech news.


Each of these influencers provides something to their audience, giving their followers a reason to want to follow them. Figuring out the value point and staying consistent with it is going to build an engaged following.


Dr. Mona Vand is a pharmacist turned influencer who’s value point is in providing health advice and suggestions to her followers. Aside from having the option to buy her book or purchase a sponsored product, she consistently gives away free value to her 130,000 followers. Mona capitalizes on Instagram lives by holding open question and answers with her audience. This free value motivates users to not only want to follow her, but to engage with her content. This engagement then boosts her account in the Instagram algorithm and she’s able to grow her reach




Step Three: Be Consistent With Posting


The content world is fast paced and hungry. Users want to see what an influencer is doing on a daily basis, not once every two weeks. To create the habit within users to want to watch and engage with your content, you need to create consistency. Specifically as a new influencer, it is crucial to post at least once a day to build your brand and show who you are and why people want to follow you. With the option of stories, influencers have more opportunity to create the influencer to follower relationship that successful accounts leverage.


Laura Reidd is a fashion travel influencer who post one high quality photo to Instagram a day. The below six posts were posted in the last six days. What this consistent posting creates is a consistent user experience. Her followers get a glimpse into her daily life and this increases their awareness of her account. It also gives her ample opportunity to use hashtags and location geo-tagging to increase her reach.




Step Four: Choose A Theme


Choosing a theme is an intersection between aesthetic and human nature to dislike the unknown. Aesthetic is a major player in the Instagram game but people’s desire to know what to expect is also a key element to becoming an influencer. McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Hut have all risen to global fame by doing one thing, the same way, every time. A McDonald’s burger in New York tastes the same as a McDonald’s burger in California. Starbucks and Pizza Hut have followed suit, capitalizing on the human desire to avoid the unknown. People don’t go to Starbucks in a different place to try something new, they go there to get what they know they like. The same psychological game can be played on Instagram by choosing a theme and sticking to it. People want to follow an account that they know is going to post a specific type of content.


Tash Oakley is an Instagram model turned bikini business owner who has capitalized off of choosing a theme and sticking to it. Her pictures follow two rules, beautiful destinations and her in beautiful destination.


Just like McDonald’s, Starbucks and Pizza Hut’s food, her content remains the same. This is a marketing technique that has built multi billion dollar corporations and Tash’s very own instagram empire.




Step Five: Analyze Your Insights


Instagram business accounts allow users to look at the analytics of their post and account. As a business account, you have free access to how many people visit your profile, how many people saw a post, your most liked post in various time periods and more. This information tells you the content that gets the most engagement and in turn, what you need to post more of. For example, if you usually post pictures of vegan food but one day you post a picture of you eating vegan food, with you in the photo, and it gets double the amount of likes as a normal post, it’s time to post more pictures of you eating the food you make.

Instagram analytics look like this:




They can only be accessed with a business Instagram account. In order to create a business Instagram account, you first have to create a Facebook page for the influencer and then link the Facebook page to the Instagram business account.


With over 800 million users on the Instagram, the ability to become an influencer in any niche is available for users across the globe. As the population moves away from TV and radio for entertainment and shifts their focus on to the social platform, advertisers are also shifting where they spend their money.


Becoming Instagram famous can pay off with sponsored brand deals and the opportunity to create your own product and sell it to your loyal fanbase. The successful Instagram influencers making seven figures are the ones implementing marketing strategies into their accounts.


Reach Instagram stardom by following these five steps to becoming Instagram famous.

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