6 Ways to Motivate Instagram Clients to Return for More Sales

6 Ways to Motivate Instagram Clients to Return for More Sales

Published on 14th of May 2024

In business, having returning clients or customers is key. You know you were able to satisfy them well enough to come back for more.

Loads of businesses thrive off referrals and when your clients are satisfied, you get more sales and they’re likely to refer their friends, family, colleagues, etc.

One client can return with 4 new clients and those 4 may come back with a new one each. So, it becomes a fruitful cycle and the outcome is more money for you and exponential growth for your business.

Having high-quality products or services is one thing; ascertaining customer satisfaction is another. You need to know the different ways to achieve this, which is why this article will enlighten you on the top six ways to motivate your clients to keep returning for more sales.

1. Your customer service MUST be top-notch

Of course, this tops the list because all clients will need excellent customer service from any business. When you treat your customer like the king they are, you’re motivating them to return for more sales.

You can send a thank you message via DMs or do the same using their email address. Be polite to them and pay attention to their queries or requests.

Avoid the use of derogatory words and focus more on making them satisfied with your branding, offerings, and customer service.

2. Offer discounts to loyal clients

You motivate your clients to return for more sales when you reward them. You just have to tempt them with exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts. You can have posts, reels, and stories letting them know your offers, or indicate them in your bio.

People love to patronize a business that has customer loyalty programs in place, so you should add this to your strategy if you want to drive more engagements and sales.

In short, get some gifts and other incentives for your clients. You would be surprised at how many of your customers will return to buy just because of this.

3. Learn to share some customer reviews

A great way to entice people is to post other customers’ positive feedback. This is one strategy that works like magic and it doesn’t only impact first-time sales, it also guarantees more repeat customers.

This is basically why buyers go online to read about a business before patronizing them. If the reviews online are negative, it’ll take a bigger grace for such a business to excel.

Buyers dwell on the reviews of others to make decisions. So, if you want to keep motivating your existing clients to return, you should dedicate time to posting some of the positive reviews you received. This will encourage more sales and followers for you beyond Instagram.

4. Post compelling visuals only

The idea is to make a habit of posting very clear and creative images and photos of your services or products.

There’s a way an image appears that catches a past client's fancy to want to buy again. Images can be very appealing, successfully attracting even new customers to take a second look and begin to ask questions.

Your way of tackling these questions can get the client more interested in wanting to buy; i.e., it’s noteworthy to create and share great-quality visuals only. This is like the foundation to keep attracting viewers to your page.

5. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers have their jobs cut out for them, and the good ones do the job perfectly well. They don’t only help reel in new customers, but also make previous customers return to buy.

You can get in contact with these promoters to help you drive the sales you need. It’s their job to promote your offers so give them the free hand they need. They should speak positively and realistically about your brand, thereby making even customers who previously left without buying have a rethink.

The truth is that influencer marketing has a way of even boosting your search engine ranking. What it does is to get people talking about your business and how else would you motivate more sales from your returning customers than this. Records show that influencer marketing has a higher rate of retaining clients.

6. Work with client feedback

Nothing kills a business faster than ignoring reports and complaints from clients. Once you start ignoring clients’ feedback, you are in for misery.

You can motivate your clients to return if you put their suggestions to good use. No customer will want to return to the same old story. If your clients complain about you being rude or rendering poor services, you would motivate them by changing for the better.

So, you have to give an ear to all the issues tabled by your clients and get them resolved on time too. If it means you’re getting someone that would specifically handle the complaints, then you should go ahead with it.

You should also leave your contact or email on your profile so you can easily be contacted.


When you’re motivating clients for more returns, avoid the use of pushy posts on Instagram. You need to be a lot more subtle with your marketing campaigns. You know the Gram is more of a fun place for interaction.

You can go this route as well with your clients. Be friendly and interact with them as human beings. You would get to know more about them through your interactions, helping you serve them better.

Businesses thrive better with returning clients. A one-time sale isn’t enough for a promising business like yours, so it’s up to you to devise great means to motivate consumers to return for more sales.

The above tips work well; adopt them today to make the impact you desire.

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