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Blastup is a recognized veteran in social media marketing specializing in growing Instagram accounts. We're known for reliability, quality and prompt execution.

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Instagram Followers

We offer unique Instagram followers, these are not your usual empty profiles. All of the followers that you’ll get will be of very high quality. You will see the difference.

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Real Instagram Likes

This is an exclusive service that’s only available for our customers. Nobody except for Blastup can offer you the same likes. All of the Instagram likes are from real, active profiles that are actually being used by real people.

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Instagram Views

Video views delivered instantly. The Instagram views are from real Instagram accounts, just as our likes. There are no compromises on the quality and all of that for as low as $1.99 USD.

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Automatic Likes

Get your likes instantly each time you upload with our automatic Instagram likes. Yes, these are the same real likes that you can get otherwise and, yes, automatic likes are cheaper! The instant engagement boost will lead to noticable natural growth.

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Automatic Views

Never underestimate the power of views! Instagram is all about video content nowadays, so get your engagement boost with our automatic Instagram views. We're talking instant delivery as soon as you upload and the same reliable Blastup service as always.

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We offer a variety of services with packages that will fit account of any size. Our goal is to offer every customer an easy way of promoting their Instagram at the best possible price.

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No registration, no hassle, no bull. Simply enter your username and complete the payment securily to kick-start your account growth.


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Once your order hits Blastup, the marketing machinery will be working at full speed to ensure that your likes, views or followers are delivered as fast as possible.

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It's easy to get stuck trying to understand what's what. Give our free trial a go and see what Blastup is all about for yourself.

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Why choose Blastup?

About Us

Blastup has roots going back to early days of social media. Our team has formed throughout the years and we have decades of combined marketing experience. Blastup has helped many companies and influencers increase their reach and convert followers from numbers into real sales.

Our Technology

We dominate social media marketing niche thanks to our unique in-house competence in creating complex technologies. Our order fulfillment systems provide you with the most reliable and fastest service out there. You can bet that your uploads are going up in the top for your Instagram hashtags attracting attention of an even wider audience!

Instant Delivery

As part of our great services comes quick delivery, the minute you finalize your purchase, your Instagram is bound to start receiving new exposure in the palm of your hand.

Our Guarantee

Satisfaction is our number one priority! If you are not happy, you will receive a 100% money back. This is why we stand high and remain the best place to buy Instagram followers and likes!

Around-the-Clock Support

Rest easy knowing our support team is ready to assist you at any hour of the day. Any questions? Concerns? We're here to help.

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