Want More Instagram Likes? Follow 11 These Tips!

Want More Instagram Likes? Follow 11 These Tips!

Published on 23rd of October 2020

If you want more likes on your Instagram pictures, we’re covering exactly how you can do that with the following points. Some of these take more work than others, and most of them require patience. You can’t expect results right away, but if you’re consistent, then one day, you’ll see results. You’ll go from ten likes per picture to two hundred as long as you don’t give up too soon.

How to get more likes on your pictures

Post high-quality content

If you want to get more likes on your pictures, you have to post high-quality photos. By high-quality pictures, we mean that they have to be appealing to the eye, high-definition (which is possible with any modern smartphone), and clean.

Have you ever seen someone scrolling through Instagram? Sometimes I wonder why people go on the app if they’re not going to take the time to study an image. Between the speed at which people scroll, and the amount of content they’re already consuming, yours has to stand out. A high-quality picture that looks like there was plenty of thought put into it will stand out.

Post consistently

If you only post three times a week, or even every other day, your momentum isn’t going to build. Momentum—in this case, the amount of likes you receive in a picture—is made with consistency. You need to post every single day. Moreover, the truth is that you might not get away with one post per day; you might have to upload at least two to three times. The work may be harder, but it’s worth it.

Use the best hashtags for your post

There are three types of hashtags you should be using: local, popular, and specific hashtags.

Local hashtags relate to your location. For example, if you upload a picture of yourself at the beach, you could use, #SanDiego, #ImperialBeach, and #SunnySanDiego.

You can’t only stick to popular hashtags because people use them so often, your content will get pushed down and lost quickly, but you do have to use a few, so take advantage of the ones that relate to your post! Continuing with the last example, you would use, #Beach, #Summer, and #Swimsuit.

Finally, use specific hashtags that aren’t as popular (in the hundred-thousands area), but will still help you get found. Here, you would use #Summers, #Beachside, and #Swimmers.

Write great captions

Instagram may be about pictures, but people do read the captions. Great captions have lots of white space, emojis, and they’re informal. Some captions are a line or two, and others write short paragraphs, so you can test out both. Your caption can be fun, funny, sassy, witty, or any other happy emotion, but don’t make it formal and robotic.

Tag your location

Before you upload a photo on Instagram, you can tag your location. When someone is in the section with that location, they’ll see the picture there. It’s like using hashtags.

“Promote” your pictures/videos

Just like in business, if you don’t promote a product, it’s not going to be found. So, promote your pictures. I don’t mean you have to spend money and run ads, but you can share your photos on other social media accounts.

You can link your Instagram to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. You do this in the same place you write your captions. When you want to share a post to those social media platforms, you toggle on the option before you upload a post. You can also post it on your story for the people who missed the feed post.

Gain more followers

If you want more followers, check out these articles:

Make your profile aesthetic

Aesthetic profiles have the same theme, color, or feel to it, as you can see in the examples above. Aesthetic profiles can be pictures in the same shade of blue, checked posts (one quote, then one selfie, one quote, one selfie, repeat.), or photos with the same warm feel to them.

The point of an aesthetic profile is to satisfy the user who’s viewing it. It’s pretty, and you can’t help but feel gravitated toward it, so you follow it. Plus, you know that the user puts in the effort, so you’ll never be disappointed or regret following them.

Upload more than one picture per post

Why upload one picture per post when you can upload up to ten? When you upload more than one picture or video per post, it’s called a carousel. Test them out to see if they get you more likes. What’s the harm in trying, right?

Post when your followers are on

It might seem a little extra to turn your regular profile into a business profile, but if you’re looking to gain more likes, you can switch to a business profile for a week, and then turn back to a regular profile, because you don’t need it unless you’re a business.

A business profile is for companies who want to know the demographics of their audience. What you’ll be looking for, though, is the section that tells you what times your followers are usually on. After you’ve gathered that information, you’ll know when to post to get more likes.

Some people are too embarrassed to follow trends, but you don’t have to be. The reason they’re called trends is that everyone is doing them, so you can too. If you spend time on social media, you’ll know what the trends are without having to search for them. Twitter Moments are an excellent place to look because Twitter always talks about when there’s a new meme going around. The most recent example is the ten-year challenge.

There you have it! Ten tips you can start trying out today to get more likes on your Instagram pictures!

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