Tips to Make Going Live on Instagram Foolproof

Tips to Make Going Live on Instagram Foolproof

Published on 18th of June 2024

If you’re following entrepreneurial blogs or podcasts on Instagram, chances are you’ve heard about going Live multiple times. But if you are hesitant, you’re not alone. Many people are anxious about going Live because it’s an entirely different kind of content. The spontaneity of it makes people nervous that something could go wrong while they’re on air.

And if you’re just getting started with building your brand, you might not have used the Live feature before. Or if you have, you aren’t sure how to adapt it to be a part of your business. If worries are holding you back from using this important tool, try these tips to make going Live on Instagram foolproof.

Make a Plan for Your Instagram Live

One of the biggest reasons people put off going Live is because they’re afraid they’ll freeze or won’t know what to say. You can eliminate this worry by creating a plan ahead of time for your Live. While you probably don’t want to simply read a script, you can make yourself an outline or a map to ensure you cover every point you want to talk about.

Or perhaps instead of just talking, you want to set up a question-and-answer session or even an AMA (Ask Me Anything). You can still create a plan for these types of Lives.

No matter what kind of Live you do, your plan should include:

  • A time limit

    Decide how long you want to go Live. If you can’t focus on your phone and the topic simultaneously, grab a kitchen timer or a small alarm clock near the phone but out of sight of your viewers.

  • Where you’ll go Live

    If you’re going Live in your home, consider how you style the space. Make a note of the lighting you’ll need. Of course, many people go Live outside or at an event. Consider the location and whether you’ll need to dress for the weather.

  • When you go Live

    The time of the day you go Live can affect the available light. It also matters when people are most likely to engage with social media and you. Unless you’re featuring an event, you probably want to make your first few Lives at a time of the day when you’re most likely to get viewers and comments.

  • Clear, specific goals

    Ask yourself why you’re going Live. What is your goal? Clearly defining why you’re going Live and what you hope to achieve can help you stay focused on what you need to cover. Put your ‘why’ at the top of your outline in case you lose your place, so you don’t ever lose your reason.

Practice Your Spiel

That old saw about practicing in front of a mirror might sound cheesy, but it’s good advice. The more you practice, the more likely you’ll be able to remember everything you want to say. It’ll help you make your transitions smoother, and you can see how long it takes you to get through your outline.

If it takes less time than you thought, you need to add more content. And practicing in front of a mirror lets you see how you’re positioning your body. You want to look and move naturally during your Live.

Additionally, if you are going Live by yourself, practice on Instagram with Practice Mode. You can explore the tools available during the Live, including sharing a question or inviting a co-host. You can also try out filters and double-check your camera angle.

Phone a Friend

During your Live, you may have viewers commenting and asking questions. For your first few Lives, it can feel overwhelming trying to stay with your outline and plan while also moderating comments. If you get a friend involved, they can handle replying to commenters while you stay on topic.

A friend or two can also go Live with you. It can be nerve-wracking to feel like you’re alone in front of an audience. But you want to talk to your followers like they’re your friends. If a few of your friends are in the Live with you, they can help ease the anxiety and keep the conversation going. Bringing in a friend is a great way to do a question-and-answer session.

Schedule Your Live

Put your Live on the calendar and tell your followers when a Live is coming up. If you’ve never done a Live before, your concern might be that nobody will show up to watch. It’s okay if that happens, but you can increase the chances that you’ll have viewers by letting people know when you’ll be Live.

Instagram now offers Live scheduling for Creator and Business accounts, and you can even use a Practice Mode. And with Instagram’s Live in Profiles badge, anyone who stops by your page can see when you have a Live scheduled.

Check Your Instagram Live Settings Ahead of Time

Before you go Live, check your settings and lighting. In the controls area of Instagram Live mode, you can decide where your camera tools will display during the Live and if you want to block specific people. Toggle over to Practice Mode to check your lighting and background to ensure your Live looks how you want it.

You can also filter out words that are offensive in the comments. Trying to moderate comments while you’re Live can be challenging, so ensure that certain words don’t slip through by entering settings. Select ‘Privacy,’ then select ‘Hidden Words’ and toggle ‘Hide Comments.’ If you want to exclude specific words or phrases, go to ‘Advanced Comment Filtering’ and manually add specific emojis or words.

Just Wing It

Many people get used to cold water at the beach or the pool by inching in slowly. They figure out how to get accustomed to the discomfort a little at a time. But others prefer to plunge into the pool’s deep end or dive straight into the surf. Sometimes, simply hitting the Live button and going for it is the icebreaker you need.

Once you confront the initial fear, you may discover that you’re comfortable with it and that most of your worries were unwarranted. And if you make mistakes on your Live, you’re in great company. Nobody has perfect Lives every time—celebrities sometimes struggle with interruptions and flubs. And if you forgot half of what you wanted to talk about, that’s okay. You can always go Live again.

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