How to Identify a Good IG Marketer

How to Identify a Good IG Marketer

Published on 21st of November 2022

In this age of social media marketing, it’s not uncommon to see several marketers in your DM, requesting that you try out their services.

Alternatively, when you decide to hire an IG influencer on your own, the plethora of options makes it difficult to identify the right one for your brand. This can lead to a wrong choice.

Therefore, we must know how to identify good e-marketers and influencers, to ensure we make the right choice.

Since your marketer will have to handle almost everything about your brand's page, they can either make or mar your business.

So, this article will outline some important steps to aid in choosing your IG marketer. We'll let you know what to look out for, what to expect, and even chip in some things to run from. All to ensure that your page is in the right hands and you don't regret your decision to hire an Instagram marketer.

Read on and take notes of the key information provided. To identify a valuable social media marketer, there are some key points to consider. But for the sake of this guide, we will categorize these in five key steps:

1. Do they align with your brand?

I know what you're thinking. This is a question, and you're not here to answer questions but get answers.

Well, just wait a bit, as this is a very vital question you should ask yourself before you hire any Instagram marketer or influencer.

Your brand definitely has a niche, which requires a specific community and has a particular target audience.

Therefore, before working with any marketer, check through their previous contents and jobs. Have they handled anything similar to the kind of service or product you offer?

Check through their past work to see if they are familiar with your target audience, for this goes a long way in achieving success with any IG marketer.

For instance, if your business is in the food line, check if they have handled any page related to food services. Or they fill their page with such content.

If you figure out that they haven't, then it's best to go for another marketer. But if they have, that's a sign for you to continue your hiring process.

Maybe you're wondering, why is this important? Well, the more familiar an IG marketer is with your field of business, the more aligned he/she will be with your target audience.

And in this era when content is very important, where people are increasingly picky about what they engage in, your content must align with what they want.

Therefore, an IG marketer who is familiar with your business line and target audience will have a higher chance of creating engaging content that resonates with your potential clientele—thereby, increasing the probability of success for your brand.

2. Check their performance data

Yes, it's invaluable to check the compatibility of a marketer with your brand, but it's just as important to assess their performance data.

An e-marketer may align with your brand but have bad analytics data, which is why you should always check through.

Before hiring one to handle your Instagram page, check through the records of their previous jobs on the social networking platform.

You can either ask them for the data or research yourself, to ensure their performance aligns with the goals of your business. This will help prevent any future issue of underachievement.

A marketer's analytics is important because it gives you a deeper insight into his or her performance, beyond a screenshot of followers.

In a time when followers are easily bought, it's vital to have verified info on profile visits, impressions, engagement rates, audience demographics, Stories analytics, etc.

All these pointers will streamline your decision of hiring a marketer who's right for pushing your organizational goals forward.

3. What are their core beliefs and values? 

This might seem little but is big. In a world where social media is becoming very sensitive to certain issues, a simple comment gone wrong can mar your brand’s reputation.

In fact, a simple IG story thought to be offensive can ruin your business's image on a global level.

Therefore, before hiring an IG marketer, ensure to run a background check on their values and beliefs. Not only to see if they align with yours but also to ensure that it isn't harmful to your company's image.

You do this by asking certain questions, contacting other marketers in the industry, or checking through their posts for previous clients (and their commentary interactions afterward).

This simple step can help save your brand from any future defamation.

4. Assess the true level of their community engagement

Instagram marketing is now beyond the number of followers one has or the number of likes on a post.

It involves the ability to convert all that into vital impressions and clicks. Or for businesses, converting impressions into sales.

Therefore, look through the community engagement level of any potential marketer before hiring. Ensure that they have positive and direct conversations with their followers.

Community engagement helps to increase impressions, improve trust between a brand and its audience, as well as increase conversion rate.

A simple way to check a marketer's community engagement is by reading through the comment section of previous posts.

You can take it a step further by checking the frequency of polls on their stories. Anything to decide if their followers are engaging or not.

5. What's your budget?

There are so many IG marketers available that you don't need to go beyond your budget to hire one.

First, research market rates to ensure your budget aligns with what is available on the platform.

Then, during your hiring process, inquire from the marketer to make sure his/her rate doesn't exceed your budget. Do not go overboard for any IG marketer.

Essentially, calculate the value expected from such a marketer against their rate, to determine if the deal is good enough.

In summary… 

Hiring an Instagram marketer shouldn't be a task gone wrong if you follow all the steps highlighted above.

Also, remember that these steps work together to get the right IG influencer. This combination determines the value you want so your partner can promote the service you offer properly.

Good luck!

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