How To Get Likes On Instagram Without Hashtags

How To Get Likes On Instagram Without Hashtags

Published on 16th of April 2017

Posting images and videos to Instagram can sometimes be very addictive because of the features that it has that you’ll enjoy using over and over again.



The memories that you are making with your families and friends gives out more value especially if you are using its filters that make it more ambient or lively.



If you happened to have images in Instagram wherein, each photo has reached about a thousand likes then that is something that you need to maintain. And this also means that your account is truly a high prize when you have thousands of likes and followers as well.



The common Hashtag (#) Although this has been a common thing when it comes to posting your Instagram photos, the next thing that you need to do is write something that is in relation to the photo, and that is usually through the use of hashtags as this increases your visibility whenever you are going to use hashtags. But aside from hashtags, there are also other means and ways for you to get the attention that you need for you to be known by other people.



A good example would be using of websites like the Gramblast site that can help you grow amazingly and even gives you a great opportunity to experience having your dreams come true.

Here is a video provided by a YouTuber Soum (Working as of 2018)

Here are more of the following ways for you to get popular on Instagram: 1.

Like pictures that suit your taste - Liking pictures such as things that you can relate with for example cooking sessions, fashion, vintage, sports and more is one way for people to see your post and even follow you as well. Also, do not forget that you must post pictures or videos that are likable to your followers and for random people too. 2.

Visual appealing photos - Stunning pictures is what most people would love to see and if you happen to be in a place where it have a beautiful scenario such as the beach, or in a cathedral, sunset, city, and many more. It would be so matching as well if you have a camera that has its special features too that will add the filter more creative looking. 3.

Posting of amusing content - you can post anything you like as long as it does not violate the terms and condition of the Instagram app. To catch the attention of your followers and random people posting on something that has humor aside from being trendy creates a sense of laughter to people who might read and see your post. Videos that are made with a good sense of prank humor as well is a delight to viewers who happened to be in a stressful moment and has seen your video. 4.

A heartwarming messages - posts like inspirational quotes, or something that can uplift the soul and emotion. People tend to say “just right on time.” That is one way that you can communicate with your followers and other people who may have happened to read your post and can relate as well. 5.

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