A Quick Guide to User-Generated Content Marketing for Instagram

A Quick Guide to User-Generated Content Marketing for Instagram

Published on 23rd of April 2024

Content is the key to a successful Instagram campaign but constantly creating original content can get tiring.

Once you run out of what to create, your Instagram campaign will experience a decline in both reach and engagement. So, it’s necessary to employ a content curation strategy to avoid a decline in your Insta presence.

An effective technique to apply is to post user-generated content. UGC is the use of multimedia created by casual users, to promote your brand.

To understand the concept of UGC marketing, you need to see it as brands taking the best user content from the internet and sharing it on their Instagram page.

The importance of UGC to your brand marketing

  • 1. Promotes originality

    Your followers are more likely to consider a UGC as more original, compared to even original content created by your brand or an influencer.

    This is because the posts are coming from real people who have used your products or services, so UGC makes your brand more credible.

  • 2. Establishes trust

    Consumers tend to trust recommendations from other consumers over what your brand has to say. Giving them these remarks and reviews help them trust your business offering more.

    A brand that cannot boast about good customer reviews will never use UGC, while businesses with great customer experience definitely use it.

  • 3. Builds content library

    The ideal approach to Instagram marketing is to supply the right audience with relevant, high-quality content.

    UGC is an effective way to provide followers with outstanding posts while boosting your page aesthetics. Your page will be more fun and interesting by creating a colorful pattern with UGC and branded content.

    A fun page tends to get the attention of new visitors while retaining that of existing fans.

  • 4. Builds engaging community

    Instagram has always been a platform with high engagement. And this applies to UGC; if done right, it can have an exponential effect on your brand engagement.

    Using these pieces of content helps you connect with your audience intimately; they’ll be interested in what you offer, especially when it’ll benefit them positively.

    This content type allows users to tell a real story—something other consumers can relate to.

  • 5. Inspires purchase decisions

    This is the ultimate reason behind any marketing strategy.

    Some studies show that UGC has a strong influence on the purchasing decisions of about 84% of millennials. Hence, user-generated content can increase your sales.

How to use UGC

  • 1. Develop your social angle

    The social angle depends on what you want your audience to know about your brand. It can also be determined by what your followers love or some information that needs clarification.

    It could be something vital that people don’t know about your brand or about how your product/service can benefit them. Most interestingly, it can be compelling success stories from existing buyers.

    UGC is great for sparking a desire in the minds of your leads and prospects; therefore, the social angle must be solid.

  • 2. Source for content on Instagram

    Due to a common misconception, some people believe that UGC is hard to find or only for large industries.

    The idea is to search for content that relates to your brand and audience; if you cannot find them, then create an avenue for UGC.

    • Use brand hashtags

      This gives people an easy way to reach your brand without going through cumbersome comments. With a branded hashtag, you get a voice and identity on the platform, and users can submit relevant content exclusively to you. Try to create relevant #tags for your brand; the type that will inspire users to submit engaging content.

      For example, #safariresortexperience will get people who’ve been to that resort to share their experiences. You can even use your brand hashtag to start a trend and ask followers to participate.

    • Create contests with giveaways

      This works well for obtaining relevant UGC because participants stand a chance of winning a prize or gift. If done right, it encourages loads of content while giving back to active users. The best way to utilize this strategy for brand marketing is by making the contest a visual representation of your brand while using your branded hashtag.

    • Ask questions

      This is one of the easiest routes to foster UGC. All you need to do is post a question on your main feed or stories, asking your followers to respond by sharing the post and tagging you in their answers.

      People like to be featured in brand activities to get a special feeling that they’re involved, so you can reach loads of participants using this medium. Remember, though, that the question must be relevant to your target markets.

  • 3. Ask for permission

    Before you post any user-generated content, it’s important to seek permission, even if your brand was tagged. It increases your credibility and minimizes any risk of content theft accusations.

    Comment on the user's post or send a direct message, asking for permission to use the content. An alternative is adding a legal disclaimer to the UGC.

  • 4. Reshare

    The best UGC to reshare is the random ones that were unprompted. If you come across genuine and fantastic content about your brand, don't just like and comment; reshare on your feeds.

    People can reach out to your brand for patronage because of this single post.

  • 5. Share reviews and testimonials

    When you provide service to a customer, it’s common practice to ask for a review. Don't leave them in your direct message, as it can influence another person to patronize you. So, share it.

    You can share user testimonials as screenshot images or get more creative and compile them into a video.

  • 6. Give credit

    One way to show you’re a credible brand is by giving credits to the originator of the content. You can't pick a piece of UGC and post it like your own; that is theft and if detected, you can lose customers.

    Give credit by tagging the user in your reshare or mentioning them in your caption. Comment on the original post and appreciate them for promoting your brand.


User-generated content is great for sharing your customer's experiences and encouraging potential buyers.

Start utilizing this approach to successfully involve your targeted audiences and market your products or services across the Gram.

Honestly, this is a two-way street. Your audience feels appreciated, and you get to promote your name. The key takeaway: use UGC now and forever.

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